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You can now bring in that unopened bottle of water. Just one though. One.

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 Yesterday may have been the last day of the media availability, which is terrible for me because I still have to come up with content. There was no video, so no need for a non-transcript from me. There were to big things that happened:

  • Jacob Hines will start the season at left guard.
  • Douglas Coleman will start at nickel back.
  • Antoine Wesley is moving inside for the time being at the Y-receiver position.
  • Eli Howard is back at full speed.
  • JoJo Robinson is making the biggest move at inside receiver.

Between A-J Media’s Don Williams and RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz you can get your fill of information. Here’s a bit from Williams’ article on Howar’s return and the defensive end depth:

“He got his first real team reps (Thursday),” Kingsbury said, referring to 11-on-11 segments of practice. “I think he had about 14 to 15 team reps, looks good. He’s got to get his conditioning back, but that’s a big addition. He’s a savvy guy, a tough guy, a leader type that we need playing, so it was good to see him out there.”

Kingsbury said the depth chart order at defensive end and rush end remains up for grabs among Kolin Hill, Lonzell Gilmore, Howard and Tony Jones.

“I think we can roll both those groups in there and feel good about both first- and second-team defensive lines,” Kingsbury said. “We’re sorting out who will start that first game, but all eight will play a bunch.”

 A-J Media’s Don Williams also has a bit on Ja’Deion High being back from injury, who is now playing inside, but Kliff Kingsbury said that he can play it all, both inside and outside:

“He’s the versatile, jack of all trades, Swiss army knife, if you will,” Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said. “If we need somebody anywhere, he can go. We’ll probably start him as one of the backup inside guys, but if something happens outside, we can throw him in. He started the (Texas) bowl game (against LSU) for us at X, which is an outside position, so we have a lot of faith in Ja’Deion High.”

 Miscellaneous . . . Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo interviews former Red Raider footballer Seth Doege . . . here’s a generic preview of Texas Tech from the AP via the Times Record News . . . the Houston Chronicle’s Adam Coleman also previews Texas Tech, but nothing really new here . . .

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