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Read // This long read on El Chapo and the hunt for the kingpin is worth your time, if you can handle the violence. I always find Rolling Stone features interesting.

Look // Come on, who is not watching the Mayweather vs. McGregor match on Saturday evening? I do believe it might be one of the most entertaining fights in history, in a bad way. There is no way in hell McGregor even has the slightest chance to win… right? I have convinced Jessica to let me invite a few friends over for beers and dinner at the house, and order it on PPV. It could get a little cray-cray at the crib this weekend. I cannot wait!

Devour // The in-laws came to Houston this past weekend, and stayed at the house. While we entertained and played host, I picked them up some wine and beer. To show off my sophisticated beer snob self, I picked one of my favorite hefeweizen brews. If you say that you are not a wheat beer or hefeweizen fan, you have not sampled the right stuff. The Weihenstephaner brewery is a monastery site that is said to be the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery, allegedly established since 1040 in Germany. Yet, the document that states the date of 1040 is generally dismissed as a forgery. The first written record of the brewery dates to the year 1675. No matter how long ago it was established, I think they have had enough time to know a thing or two about creating beer. The Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier is the perfect wheat beer. It has a smooth yeast taste, with a mild banana and bubble gum flavor. Just simply awesome German beer!


Read // Bob Borson is an award winning architect in Dallas who runs a great little blog called “Life of an Architect,” which was a big help to me while I was in/coming out of school. This week he has an post on people who make awesome architectural sketches, which makes me want to get back in the habit. If you’re ever interested in what architects actually do on a day to day basis (aside from getting yelled at/actively trying not to get yelled at), his site is a great little keyhole


Devour // It’s Hatch chile season, so you better believe I’m putting them on everything. One of the best applications is on a cheeseburger, and one of the best green chile cheeseburgers you’ll ever eat is at Santa Fe Bite. Formerly known as Bobcat Bite, the owners moved from an isolated shack off the I-25 and into Santa Fe proper. Go eat here, then go eat your way through the rest of the town because you can throw a rock and hit something delicious there.


Read // Geoff Edgers with the Washington Post catches up with Texas legend Billy Joe Shaver who at 77 is still hitting the pavement across the country.

Look // This is more of a “listen”, but the Turnpike Troubadours just released their first song (“The Housefire”) off of their upcoming album, A Long Way From Your Heart, coming out October 20th. If I had to pick a favorite band in all of the Red Dirt/Texas Country landscape at the moment, these guys would be it. Turnpike fans will also notice this song features another appearance by Lorrie among other common characters/places. Thomas Mooney with New Slang picked up on it immediately on twitter and may have some game theory headed our way.

Devour // The Texas State Fair fires up September 29th. Thanks to the Big Tex Choice Awards, you can map out your fair meal plan. Here are a few that jumped out to me: the Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger, the Texas Fajita Fries, and something called the Fat Smooth.


Read // This is somewhat of an old read, but it’s a good one. From Art of Manliness’s Brett and Kate McKay, about how we need to put skin in the game with how we live our lives.

“The process of adding life to years involves a doing existence. It means facing the current. The same process brings joy to the individual as it brings richness to the group. ‘Strip or retire,’ as in the days of Greece, is still the motto. The individual who strips for action is the one who has fullness of life. The looker-on, the victim of spectatoritis, brings neither joy to himself nor heritage to his people.

Living is a struggle, competition — a hope-fear relationship. Remove that and you remove satisfaction. Competition exists not only in post, but in every zestful act. In this struggle, the relationship between the possibilities of success and the fear of failure is the balance which is the essence of interest.”

Look // One of my favorite sites is the Atlantic’s Photography page and this is the 2017 national Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contestants.

Devour // I’ve been saving a St. Arnold’s Bishop Barrel for the better part of 6 months. An attorney friend gave me a bottle to try and he says that he tries to buy as many as he can when ever can get them. I had the Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels. It took me back to Ireland almost immediately with it’s very rich and smooth taste. I’m sure that Brian and Dan can comment more on this and honestly, as each yearly version is released, it’s a different beer.

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