Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 09/21/17

Headed to Houston? Visit the official TTU Alumni pre-game tailgate where you can see STP’s very own DanSwany in action. The tailgate starts at 8am. And check out this great writeup from Dan, Brian, and JT about where to grub in H-Town.


Last week’s smoked pork loin roast turned out quite well. It was seasoned with herbs de provence, salt, pepper, then left in the fridge for about six hours before throwing it on the smoker at 250 F. Top tip: make at least one sandwich out of the leftovers.

On Saturday morning, I’m borrowing from STPer Oldgreywolf and grilling halved, pitted avocados with a cracked egg in the middle. Not sure how I’ll season them just yet. Then, I’m adding sausage patties, sliced pound cake, and nectarines to the grill that we’ll wash down with some sparkling wine from my good friends at Farmhouse Vineyards out in Brownfield.


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