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 I went on a bit of a Twitter rant yesterday and I won’t repeat it exactly here, but I will sorta address it and I think it would be great if we could pull it off.

Here’s the idea. There’s talk about boycotting Tuberville’s game, like not watching it all or there’s even a petition to get Tuberville removed. I personally think that these are all terrible ideas. Just to recap, it was Texas Tech that hired Tuberville. Like willingly and purposely hired Tuberville and actually gave him money, which he gladly accepted. He did not hold Texas Tech ransom.

So, rather than boycott, I really hope we all watch and I hope that someone takes notes (or direct quotes) of all of the dumb things he says. If you Tweet them at me (I can be found at @SethC_J) I’ll make a post of the top 10 dumb things he said and publish it next week, win or lose. I fail to see why folks are angry at Tuberville or even ESPN. Sometimes I wonder if folks are looking to pick a fight and that’s not in my nature so it’s something that I don’t understand. I have not been mad online or at home for what some commentator has said because I literally ignore or turn off things that I know are annoying. I do not waste any time with barking carnivals. I save my anger for things that actually matter in my world because life’s too short to be mad at a network or a person, especially something that’s as silly as being a color commentator and something that you can mute.

If you plan on watching with the volume up, please join me in mocking Tuberville. We can actually make this a fun thing rather than something that’s going to drive you crazy. The world is already a pretty shitty place sometimes, let’s make the world be a better place by having some fun. I mean, he’s already said, “There will be balls thrown everywhere.” This is gonna be like stealing candy from a baby.

 Rivals’ Woody Wommack writes about three three-star players who are playing well and one of those is Nick Shimonek:

What he did this week: After serving as a backup with the Red Raiders over the past few seasons Shimonek is finally getting his chance to shine. On Saturday night he had an outstanding game, completing nearly 75 percent of his passes while throwing for 543 yards and six touchdowns in a 52-45 win over Arizona State. The Red Raiders have produced their share of quarterbacks in recent years, including 2017 first-round pick Patrick Mahomes, and if Shimonek can keep putting up big numbers, he might be the next Texas Tech quarterback to make national headlines.

 Houston Chronicle’s Jenny Dial Creech writes about the relationship between UH head coach Major Applewhite and Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury:

“He’s better looking than I am,” was all Applewhite offered about his former foe on his weekly radio show, laughing.

Beyond that, Applewhite said all the things he’s supposed to about Kingsbury: He is running a great program, Texas Tech is a big challenge, and so forth.

While saying this week they are excited to play the game, both have been politically correct and complimentary in regard to their opponent.

But there’s a lot on the line this weekend for Kingsbury, who got his first coaching job at UH in 2008 as an offensive quality control assistant under coordinator Dana Holgersen – now head coach at West Virginia – and head coach Kevin Sumlin, now at Texas A&M. Kingsbury moved up at UH, becoming quarterbacks coach in 2010 and co-offensive coordinator in 2011.

 A-J Media’s Carolos Silva, Jr. writes about how linebacker/safety Kahlil Williams is using football as a respite from the realities of Hurricane Harvey:

“It was kind of a relief to know they were fine,” he said. “When I first saw them face-to-face, it was an emotional moment. It was a big ol’ hug, honestly.

“There were a few things that were messed up: furniture and some other stuff. But those are material things that can be replaced. … It just made me feel great because I could focus on football and academics. A lot of stress was off my back.”

 Miscellaneous . . . via the Houston Chronicle, WR D’Eriq King is expected to play against Texas Tech on Saturday . . . Athlon Sports’ Pete Mundo predicts a Texas Tech win on Saturday afternoon

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