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Read // It’s Halloween season, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year (don’t @ me). Though I haven’t read much of his recent stuff, I’ve always loved Stephen King. He writes a fantastic 2/3 of a novel, so the best way to avoid those iffy endings is to grab one of his amazing short story anthologies. Need a place to start? I’d go with The Night Shift, which contains a ton of stories that got turned into movies, including Children of the Corn.

Look // My friends and I love horror movies, and every October we get together a few nights and try to watch a few that have been overlooked or underrated that we’ve never seen before. Last year we watched Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (hilarious), and this year we checked out Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This is the one without Michael Myers, and you know what? It was incredibly fun and great to watch in a group. It’s worth a watch

Devour // When I was in elementary school my mom made me a ghosts in the graveyard cake once and I literally think about it multiple times a year. It’s basically a twist on dirt and worms, but my goodness I dream about these things. It’s pretty close to a perfect dessert.


Read // I haven’t found time to read much online lately as I’ve been devoting all of my reading time to Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry. It’s divided up into 4 or 5 stories at a time, and McMurtry has written it in such a way that for parts of it I’m least interested in what my favorite Lonesome Dove characters are up to and just enthralled with the plights of Scull, Buffalo Hump, Ahumado, and Maggie.

Look // Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit put out a great album last month. Just this past Friday, he streamed a full live concert from the Ryman Auditorium. You can watch it for free on Youtube. The show starts about 8 minutes in.

Devour // The next time you’re in Ruidoso, hit up the Cornerstone Bakery. It’s a great breakfast spot, and they sell their own pinon coffee that we have to buy on every trip before we head home. They recently moved to a new location that has a ton of room. Oh, and a perk of having a little one: they’ll bring you a ball of dough, a roller, and some cookie cutters for them to play with while you eat.


Read // I like these kind of stories… Remember K-State basketball star Rodney McGruder? Well, here is his path from K-State to Hungary, Maine, and South Dakota to the Miami Heat.

Look // The interview between Jay Bilas and the recently terminated Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino. I’m not buying it…

Devour //The other week we went with some friends to MF Sushi near downtown Houston. We were told by some neighbors to try the Omakase. It was the chef’s choice of what he feels is the best dishes in the restaurant that night. When ordering this the server said that he will, “serve us until we are full”. It is typical about 20+ courses. Yeah, we had just about every fresh fish imaginable sprinkled in with some other proteins. It was one of the best meals I have had while I dined out. Going into detail about each dish would just take too long, you will just have to experience the burst of fresh fish flavors in your own mouth.


Read // Fascinating look at an outdoor conman from Outside Online’s Brendan Borrell.

Whenever I asked Caldwell to explain what motivated him, he seemed unwilling or unable to reflect on his behavior. Maybe he manipulated people simply because he could. He told me he became better looking in his 30s, discovering then how much he could get away with. When I said it seemed like he’d given up on a normal life, he scoffed. “Whos EVER going to give me a chance at a decent job, Brendan? No one. I’m a modern day leper,” he texted. I pressed him again a few days later. “U asked why i tell lies? Pretend to be someone else,” he wrote. “Ever heard of self aggrandizement? If not, look it up(:”

Look // I would do this.

Devour // While in Southern California, I think I was in IPA territory because there was a ton of it everywhere we went (that may be true now because of the popularity of the IPA). One of the IPA’s that I tried was the Green Flash Soul Style IPA. A really terrific IPA that went down really really well.

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