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The Morning Stake | 2017-10-20

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 RedRaiderSports’ Will McKay writes about the offseason transformation of Norense Odiase:

“The number one thing is discipline. The number two is routine. You’ve got to know a plan for whatever you want to get to. It really helped me discipline-wise.”

And after going through a physically morphing experience like that, you’ll undoubtedly feel different. For Norense, it’s been a major boost in endurance and energy.

“My wind. I can go a lot longer, play a lot harder at longer times, can jump higher. I’m just more active. It’s really helped me to get off some dead weight. It’s really helped me on the court.”

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 A-J Media’s Don Williams writes about the event tweeted out above, the Red Raider Club Luncheon, something that happened many moons ago with Spike Dykes:

In another era, college football coaches sitting down with the hometown fans happened each week. Around here, Spike Dykes elevated the weekly Red Raider Club luncheon to a comedy art form. It died early in the Mike Leach years. Maybe the weekly coach’s luncheon is an anachronism in the instant-information age, but what better way to connect and rally support than face-to-face interaction.

The younger generation doesn’t know what it’s missing.

The Red Raider Club luncheon was the setting in which Jim Carlen challenged the locals who booed his decision to swap out Joe Barnes for Charles Napper in the 1971 Texas A&M game. It’s the setting in which a Tech fan went to bat for Spike Dykes in 1999 by standing up and denouncing Rich Rodriguez, under consideration at the time to be Spike’s successor.

  Via A-J Media’s Don Williams, this was really a tweet sent by former coach Mike Leach, where Leach is alluding to a rally being held outside of Jones AT&T Stadium, “I led the Red Raiders to victory in 2009. Help me get justice from Texas Tech. This weekend, I want my supporters in Lubbock to rally for Justice.” It’s funny how there’s going to be 50,000 people there at the same time where Leach is holding his rally (he also has to coach a game on Saturday, so I don’t Leach will be there, but maybe he has a private jet ready).

 The Gazette’s Ben Visser writes about Iowa State’s preparation of for Texas Tech:

“It comes down to preparing for situational football,” ISU Coach Matt Campbell said. “The tempo we can try to replicate to the best of our abilities because we’ll play that way at times. It’s because of what they do and the skill that they have in abundance and how they use it. I still think of preparation and detail of playing a team that uses high tempo and certainly gets a lot of snaps in a game, situational football becomes imperative to have success.”

It’s that preparation and detail that’s allowed the Cyclones to get out to their 4-2 start.

The biggest detail Iowa State works on is turnovers. The Cyclones are second in the Big 12 in turnover margin at +6.

  Miscellaneous . . . Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown ranks all 130 teams and has Texas Tech at the 34th best team . . .


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