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 KenPom released his rankings and has Texas Tech ranked as the 33rd best team in teh nation. That’s behind Kansas (#5), West Virginia (#7), TCU (#14), Baylor (#19), and Oklahoma (#21).

Texas Tech Football

 Here’s the articles from Sunday and this morning.

  Head coach Kliff Kingsbury was made available to the media yesterday. I’ve done a non-transcript and you can watch the video as well.

Kingsbury: [On Iowa State] They are a good football team, they played well, we have to tip their hat to them.

. . . [On Justin Stockton] No, it will be day to day, still going through protocol, some type of head injury.

. . . [I think this is a question about Tre King] He plays tough, he’s very appreciative to be here, he took a 20 hour bus ride to get here. Our team respects the way he plays, plays every game like it’s his last.

. . . [More on Stockton] We’ll be more careful with this one, there’s some serious procedures to go through, he has a bit of a history, we’ll be very careful.

. . . [What Stockton brings to the team] He’s kind of a jack of all trades, he’s run the ball well between tackles, it alters a couple of things that we do there, but we have some depth there, we have to get [Desmond] Nisby caught up on some things, we have Demarcus [Felton] as well.

. . . [The offense’s performance against Iowa State] Yeah, just have to be patient when they are playing that type of coverage. Taking away deep threats, have to be able to run the ball and check it down. I think our offense has to understand the type of game you have to play.

. . . [On fullback Tyler Carr] He’s competitive, he’s a bit physical body, played basketball in high school, I thought he competed well, we hope we can continue to develop him into that h-back fullback type of body.

. . . [Bright spots] I thought the defense the way they competed in the second half, they got us the ball back in the second half and their effort in the game.

. . . [Hangover from West Virginia loss?] I hope not, those back to back turnovers and missing a couple more kicks probably didn’t help, we had the ball to get back in the game and just was not able to execute.

. . . [Change approach on kicking game?] We went for it on 4th and 5 and could have kicked it and made it a one score game, we’ll just see.

. . . [Does Texas Tech have a Jeff Heath, i.e. a safety that can kick] We haven’t got that far, that may be something we have to look into.

. . . [Is Clayton Hatfield kicking?] He is not kicking, I really think it will be a week to week deal, we hope to have him back by the end of the season.

. . . [On offensive line play] I didn’t think we played with the same physicality and intensity, we have to move bodies and make yards on 1st down.

. . . [On Travis Bruffy] He is a very spirited young man, very smart, still learning to play that tackle position, was a great baseball player in school and really like what he brings to the room.

. . . [On Bruffy since he’s come back] He’s gotten better each week, that was some significant time he missed, so he is still undersized, but he is battling, he’s going to keep getting better.

. . . [Team’s performance since the second half of West Virginia game] Like I said, I felt like the second half the defense got us back on track, offensively we just didn’t execute, throw a pick six for a touchdown, in the second half we all believed we were going to win that game, particularly the defense.

. . . [New wrinkles on offense?] We’ll see, we always try to change things up, we’ll see what we have in store for them.

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