Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 11/09/17

The Texas Tech Alumni Association will be at the Fishbone Grill & Sports Bar prior to Saturday morning’s game. A $30 ticket gets you access to all-you-can-eat breakfast BURRITOS (emphasis, mine) and  biscuits & gravy. There’s also beer, mimosas, and bloody Mary’s.


Thanks to advice in the comments and on Twitter, I made my best batch of spare ribs on Sunday. I gleaned a lot of info from all of the tips, and went with these basics:

  1. Applied rub, wrapped in clingwrap, then put in fridge 2.5 hours before putting on smoker. I meant to do this overnight, but forgot.
  2. Set smoker to 225 deg F with some apple & mesquite pellets.
  3. Put ribs unwrapped on smoker for 3 hours, spraying with apple juice every 30 min (meat side up).
  4. Wrapped ribs in foil after initial three hours and poured in apple juice (meat side down).
  5. Left on smoker for additional 2.5 hours, took out of foil, applied apple rib candy
  6. Pulled after 30 min with the rib candy

They could and probably should have gone a bit longer to achieve maximum tenderness, but the baby had just been put to bed and it was time for the adults to eat. You can see that the right side of the rack turned out better than the left with the meat pulling away from the bone.

Nothing is officially planned for this weekend on the smoker, but maybe I can change that. We did just buy a deep freeze so I’ll need to stock it up soon.


A few of the upcoming Lubbock happenings (see calendar for more):

  • This weekend is your last change to get out to The Maize before the end of the season
  • The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra is performing its Pictures at an Exhibition show
  • Texas Tech Women’s and Men’s Basketball are in action
  • Lots of good music in town including Randall King, Shane Rogers & Jason Boland
  • Flipper’s Tavern is putting on a block party with lots of live music, food trucks, a hot dog competition, and a pinball tourney

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