End of Year Uniform Poll

This is obviously very important stuff and before anyone says anything, let’s get some formalities out of the way.

  • This is a dumb poll by a dumb fan (yeah, that’s me) and it doesn’t mean anything. The likelihood that the powers that be are actually listening to this poll are probably pretty slim. So me posting this isn’t going to affect anything at all and doesn’t make this poll any less dumb.
  • Terrible artist’s rendition, someone obviously not skilled in photoshop even a little bit.

    If you’re coming here to tell me that “they” care too much about uniforms and because of that “they” can’t focus on winning games. See above, this is a dumb internet poll put out there by a dumb fan (me) and has nothing to do with the team. I have NEVER seen the players publicly complain or campaign for a particular uniform. You thinking this is an issue is actually you making a big deal out of it and you’re also probably not very fun.

  • If you’re worried what the team thinks of uniforms and you think they care too much about it, I’ll be here to tell you that this is probably a decision made by the equipment staff and some of the seniors as well as Kingsbury to a certain extent. Human beings are capable of deciding what to wear on a given day without it affecting much, if any other part of their lives. You probably got dressed without having to put too much thought into it today and most likely the the time spent on deciding on a uniform was about the same. It’s not that big of a deal.
  • My personal preference is the Oklahoma State game. I love the old double-t and think it’s a fantastic look. I don’t like anything with gray, but that’s just my personal preference.
  • Someone had mentioned that they would love to see black helmet, red tops and black pants and that would be a heck of a look and one that needs to come back.
  • I sorta like the red helmets, but I think I’d like the red helmets a lot more if there was a plain double-t on the helmet. The red on red logo doesn’t look right and I think a more simplistic old double-t with a white edge or just a black double-t would look really good. And I’m not a guy that’s not a graphic designer, so I really don’t know and I’m sure that someone could help out with how this looks, but you get the idea.
  • Bottom line, please have fun with this. It’s really not meant for you go get all serious and angry about whatever the results are. Unless of course the school changes back the double-t to the original double-t and in that case, I’ll be dancing in the streets.

If you can’t see the uniforms in the poll, here is a larger version (click on photo to go to original link):

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