Texas Tech Basketball: Roster Eligibility Update

Who’s ready to do some roster eligibility depth charts?

With the addition of CJ Roberts, I wanted to update everyone on the scholarships that are currently available for the current team and moving forward for the 2018 class.

Position Player 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Point Guard Keenan Evans (6-3/185)
Davide Moretti (6-3/165)
Josh Webster (6-3/170)
CJ Roberts (6-0/180)
Shooting Guard Niem Stevenson (6-5/205)
Brandone Francis (6-5/210)
Jarrett Culver (6-6/180)
Kyler Edwards (6-6/200) HS
Small Forward Justin Gray (6-6/210)
Zhaire Smith (6-5/190)
Deshawn Corprew (6-6/216) JC
Power Forward Zach Smith (6-8/220)
Center Norense Odiase (6-9/255)
Tommy Hamilton IV (6-11/260)
Malik Ondigo (6-10/210)
TOTALS 13 10 7 6 1 0

A program is permitted 13 scholarship spots in a given year. This chart is a bit different, or rather, you all know that the black box represents a scholarship, while the red box represents a redshirt available.

The gray box for CJ Roberts is a transfer year and his spot definitely counts towards the scholarship pool of 13 available spots, but I didn’t want to have the box red as this year is essentially a transfer year that will act as a redshirt year, however this year definitely counts against the scholarship limit. Normally, I don’t count the red boxes because up until the time they are used because they are inconsequential if not used (i.e. Justin Gray, Zach Smith, and Keenan Evans won’t use their redshirts).

So, that means that there are no more scholarships available for the 2017 class and there are three spots available for the 2018 class. If you all may recall, there was some roster shuffling towards the beginning of December as Hyron Edwards ended up transferring to Colorado State, so that freed up the spot for CJ Roberts for the 2018 class and for him to count against this current group of available scholarships.

There are two players that have signed with Texas Tech, Corprew and Edwards. Corprew is averaging 11.1 points a game, 5.7 rebounds, and 2.2 assists in a shade over 15 minutes a game for South Plains College. Edwards is averaging 15.1 points per game, 4.6 assists and 5.6 rebounds a game at Findlay Prep in Nevada.

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