Bonjour, Staking the Plains

Guess who’s back?! After writing for 247sports and the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal for nearly the past three years, I’m back where it all started (well, except for the name of the site is different).

First off, thank you all who welcomed me back in Monday’s The Morning Stake. I had family in town and was unable to comment on the story, but I saw what all of you wrote. Thank you.

I talked with Seth shortly after my departure Friday, weighing out my options for what my next move should be, if there was one. I decided later that weekend that I wanted to return to writing about Texas Tech again.

I’m not going to go into detail into why I’m no longer working at the Lubbock A-J, just know that there’s no bad blood between those guys and I enjoyed working with all of them. I’ll probably continue to meet up with them on a regular basis.

And although I left y’all back when I was with Viva The Matadors, I still connected with the guys. I have met up with Seth, DanSwany and Michael_LSRR several times, catching up on the site and what was going on in their lives.

Now obviously it’s been a while since we’ve connected in this type of setting. So I’ll try to recap the past three years into some bullet points:

  • Since I’ve been gone, Mahomes has transformed into a Top 10 pick, Tech basketball made the tournament, and probably will do so again this year, and Tech baseball went to another CWS. Crazy, right?
  • Recently, with school and my duties at the A-J, I haven’t really kept up with recruiting. I will be very limited until the 2018 basketball and 2019 football class starts because I don’t know jack. Just some info on the commits and that’s about it.
  • I’ve got six hours left until I obtain my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I can’t wait to graduate. Not that I hate Tech, it’s just been a hectic last couple years.
  • I have a dog now named Apollo. If you still follow me on Twitter (@Michael_LaB), you’re well aware. He’s a Red Heeler mix who’s about to turn two and he’s better than his evil twin Boudin, no matter what Brian DonCarlos says.
  • Travis has adopted me as his son on Twitter. I’m totally disrespectful to him now and he can’t tell me what to do.

It’s good to be back.


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