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The Morning Stake | 2018.01.22

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Berglund to Transfer. Texas Tech’s starting catcher will transfer:

Berglund was a starter last year at catcher and the two players mentioned, Koelzer is a sophomore from Amarillo who played 21 games last year and hit .263, and Willems is a junior from Alvin CC, who had just 23 hits last year. Berglund of course started most of last year at catcher and hit .307 on the year. Berglund was moved around quite a bit during the fall practice, and this is what head coach Tim Tadlock said during the fall:

โ€œWeโ€™ve got four very capable guys back there,โ€ Tadlock said. โ€œAnd Berglund is, obviously, at the top of the list. Heโ€™s earned the right to say that. And youโ€™ve got to earn the right to stay there. Heโ€™s always been a baseball player โ€” wherever you put him, he really loves playing. Just maybe trying to keep some options to keep him rested a little bit. Zayne Willems, Clay Koelzer and Braxton Fulford, the young man from Monterey, have all done a good job.โ€

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Williams-Garner Decommits. Mekhi Williams-Garner announced on Twitter that he would be decommmitting from Texas Tech.

If you were to ask me about recruiting, I would tell you that David Gibbs displayed the early recruiting period. It’s simple math at this point. I think I’ve read or heard somewhere that 70% of the players that could sign did sign in December. That leaves a much smaller pool of players to choose from and I really don’t have a flipping clue about how this class fills out. I know that Gibbs likes to see the player in person, but at this point, I think that he needs to re-think his recruiting philosophy. And this isn’t being brought on by Williams-Garner’s decommitment, it is what it is, usually grades or something, but this is a situation where Texas Tech finds it’s defensive class looking for spots to fill and we’re less than a month away from the second signing day.

Shimonek Shines. Former Texas Tech footballer Nic Shimonek throws this game-winner in the Shrine Game:

Who else loves how the receiver doesn’t even acknowledge Shimonek after the play?

Amendola Scores Touchdown to Send Patriots to the Super Bowl. Former Red Raider footballer Danny Amendola makes the catch and the play and some guy named Tom Brady throws the pass to send the Patriots to the Super Bowl.


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