Special Mailbag Edition of 23 Personnel Podcast – 015b

We don’t know why LaBarre’s food takes are such trash, but we talk about our favorite food condiments and how his are disgusting. It’s easily hot sauce (not salsa) and homemade ranch.

Brian asks what our favorite cooking tools are and we decided meat thermometers (Michael’s is wireless – he boujy) and special pans.

New Market Streets are opening with bars (beer, wine and chicken wings) and if we would consider moving to be closer to one – yes.

What new restaurants are on our list and how we might need to make a visit to Durango’s.

There is an upcoming vote on the building formerly known as the City Bank Coliseum and how we both think Lubbock should drop and and Tech should build something, anything, in its place. Preferably something that doesn’t lose $600,000 a year.

And sports questions including if HCKK will wear sunglasses and a hat to his next indoor interview, how we can bring Gingery back for his senior season, how likely Zhaire is to leave Tech, and how the Tech baseball team might be able to three-peat as Big 12 champions (unlikely).


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