The Morning Stake | 2018.05.28

Leading Off

The men’s golf team was absolutely terrific and sat third overall after two days of the NCAA Championships and then, because they were then included in the top 15 teams for match play today and then the top 8 will advance to match play on Tuesday (TexasTech).

The track and field team will participate in a total of 16 events for the NCAA Championships, which seems like a ton of participants (TexasTech).

Texas Tech Baseball

Sometimes I don’t use the right words and I think the other day that I wasn’t sure that Texas Tech would qualify for a regional seed and, of course Texas Tech was going to do that, it’s the national seed that I don’t think is going to happen. Anyway, yes, for the third straight season, Texas Tech will host an NCAA Regional (TexasTech). D1Baseball is not predicting that Texas Tech will be a national seed, but they are predicting that the Lubbock Regional will consist of New Mexico State, San Diego State and Texas A&M.

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