Rating the Positions: 14-10

Let’s rate the positions 14-10 for Texas Tech.

We’re up for the third round of rating the positions, ranked by NFL in terms of importance. I need your input to help make this work. I’ll tally the results at the end of going through the positions.

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14. Right Cornerback

Fields was a revelation after two injuries, I think his freshman and his redshirt freshman year, and Fields was really good in that spot and I think that Frye is on his way, so it’s a very young position, but it’s a position with a ton of athleticism and ability. The question is the mental aspect, getting beat and coming right back, which is essential in the Big 12.

Primary Options: Demarcus Fields and Adrian Frye

13. Right Tackle

Very comfortable here, especially with Steele and Akamnonu right there back-to-back, if one goes down the other could fill the role without question. I have no idea how Farrar will be, but this is as solid a position on the team and a large part of that is because Akamnonu can play both tackle positions.

Primary Options: Terence Steele, Madison Akamnonu, Will Farrar

12. Weakside Linebacker

The starter is as solid as there is, probably the best at his position in the Big 12. I’m guessing that Moore would maybe fill this role, but truthfully, Riko Jeffers would back up either Jordyn Brooks or Allen. I still think that Moore is going to be able to play at a high level, he’ll be rangy and he’ll be very good. Still, Allen is great and that will continue.

Primary Options: Dakota Allen and Kevin Moore

11. Free Safety:

Another all-conference performer with Johnson. I’ll be honest, I’m not in love with Allen, but he’s a former walk-on who has stuck with it and even started a few games a few years ago when there were very few options. With Fields being another primary back-up, I feel significantly better. And Johnson really is Mr. Ironman. He’s played so much over the course of his career, he’s played when he probably wasn’t ready and he’s been very good. If he could ever improve his range, he’d be great.

Primary Options: Jah’Shawn Johnson, Kisean Allen and DaMarcus Fields

10. Tight End

I think this spot is way too high for what Texas Tech does, but it’s pretty simplistic here, Carr is your blocking tight end and Thompson is your receiving tight end. I’m predicting big things for Thompson and I think he’s going to surprise. Truthfully, you could probably think of these guys as a combination player, they’ll probably never be on the field together and if Carr is in the game, you are nearly assured that Texas Tech will run the ball.

Primary Options: Tyler Carr and Donta Thompson


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