Rating the Positions: 19-15

We continue our rating of the positions.

We’re back, rating your level of comfort by each position, those positions ranked by order of importance. We’ve done positions 25 through 20 and we’ll do 19 through 15 today.

19. Third Safety

Texas Tech doesn’t normally employ a strongside linebacker, they have weakside and middle linebackers and typically, the strongside linebacker is the third safety manned by Justus Parker, who is obviously entrenched at that spot. I’m really comfortable with Parker, but don’t know a ton about Addison. And I don’t know that Addison would be the back-up here, but I would probably put him in this spot or maybe Thomas Leggett.

Primary Options: Justus Parker and Quincy Addison

18. Strong Safety

Again, Texas Tech doesn’t have strong or free safeties, they have left and right safeties, but of the two, I think that Vaughnte Dorsey is the strong safety, although Johnson supports the run a bit better. Still, for a first year player, Dorsey surpassed my expectations and I’m very comfortable here with him starting. I’m not so sure about the backups.

Primary Options: Vaughnte Dorsey and Kisean Allen

17. Center

I’m pretty comfortable here with where the center position is. I like Stawarz and Bailey Smith played early in his career as a tight end I think, so he never used his redshirt and you won’t believe this, but he’s already a junior. I don’t like some of the penalties that Stawarz has, but I think he’s a very good center. Not exceptional or great, but good. I’ll be interested how much Smith pushes Stawarz and how close this competition is. Still though, I’m pretty happy with a senior starter with a junior back-up.

Primary Options: Paul Stawarz and Bailey Smith

16. Inside Receivers

Brooks analysis has this as “Wide Receiver 2” but I’m combining the inside receivers here, and theoretically, they should probably be higher in terms of importance for Texas Tech, but we’ll go with this here. Of the main guys, I like Donta Thompson and De’Quan Bowman quite a bit. New Oregon State transfer Seth Collins is going to be in the mix at Y-receiver, which is Keke Coutee’s old position. Ja’Deion High, Zach Austin, KeSean Carter, Sterling Galban, Jojo Robinson, and Brandt Schilling are your back-ups, so it’s a mix of true freshmen and walk-on’s.

Primary Options:

15. Right Guard

Jack Anderson as a true freshman was absolutely terrific as a true freshman, maybe slightly overwhelmed like in the first one or two games, but then he became really good and he should be all-conference this year in my opinion. If you are a Cowboys fan, you see how a right guard can add to a dominating right guard and Anderson is headed that way, if not already there.

Primary Options: Jack Anderson and Jacob Hines


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