The Morning Stake | 2018.07.23

1. You can vote for the Big 12 Athletes of the year, Texas Tech’s nominee’s are Keenan Evans and Gabriela Talaba (Big12Sports). I find it dumb that we as fans get to vote on it because this really shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but whatever. Feel free to vote.

2. Congrats to former Red Raider soccer player Jaelene Hinkle for being called up to the US National Team (Twitter)!

3. The Lady Raider basketball team spent time at the Burkhart Center for Autism and then they took a surprise trip to Dallas for a WNBA game.

4. The Tournament is a baskeetball tournament of former players who play to win $2 million, winner take all. Texas Tech has a team with a handful of former players including Justin Gray, Niem Stevenson, John Roberson, Jaye Crockett (I think), Nick Okorie, and Ronald Ross and also a bunch of players from other programs (TheTournament). Texas Tech won their first round game against Cincinnati 80-63, but lost to the Ohio State team 82-73. That means that they are done. In any event, there was this moment at the end of the first game in interviewing head coach Danny Young.

I love that the Fake Natalie Maines (you have to listen on the Ticket to get this) is tweeting at me on Twitter. Just so you know. Love you!

5. The receivers and the defensive line got together on Friday night.

6. This was terrific. Strength coach Rusty Whitt thought it would be fun to mix things up and tell the team that they got a new transfer, but he’s actually the world-record holder in the deadlift.

7. The football team went to the Carillon and apparently sang, ate watermelon and generally helped out for a bit (TexasTech Photo Gallery).

And they also spent time at the South Plains Food Bank on Friday as well.

8. Davide Moretti scored 17 points on 6 of 10 with 5 assists in Italy’s loss to Turkey, 91-80 (Twitter). ##

9. LandGrant Gauntlet’s Josh Cowan has the rankings of the running backs by team n the Big 12 and the Texas Tech running backs are last and I’m good with this. I’m going to be very interested to see where this team finishes in rushing. Texas Tech was 94th in rushing offense last year and with perhaps a new emphasis on the running game, this could change dramatically.

10. Introducing Vaughnte Dorsey.

11. Via ProFootballTalk, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid wants Patrick Mahomes to play like he did at Texas Tech:

Ultimately, Reid wants to let Mahomes play the game the way he played it at Texas Tech β€” the way that prompted the Chiefs to trade up to No. 10 to get Mahomes, leaving 2017 rookie phenom Deshaun Watson on the board in the process.

β€œHe’s a good person and carries himself the right way,” Reid said. β€œHe does that with his teammates. He is a humble guy who loves to play the game and plays it aggressively. Normally you appreciate those guys. I wouldn’t expect that to change. I would encourage him not to change that part.”

12. Ole Miss will apparently wear all white when they open up the season against Texas Tech, which means that Texas Tech will wear something other than white.

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