The Morning Stake | 2018.08.31

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This is Communications Director Chris Cook, who I think at one time used to be the SID for the football team, drives, walks and talks with Kliff Kingsbury. This was a fun 16 minutes.

A-J Media’s Don Williams ponders if the quarterback just “managing” the action will be enough:

I’m not sure in the high-scoring Big 12, in this era, a team can win consistently with a QB merely managing. The Red Raiders faced third- or fourth-down situations an average of 16 times a game last season. You need more than a cardboard cutout of Patrick Mahomes to win third down. Even on a Tech team with the potential for a solid run game, someone’s going to have to make a lot of throws to keep drives going.

It’s easy to see where Kingsbury and Johns are coming from, though. The Red Raiders have a defense with talent and experience at every level. It’s shaping up as a not-great year for quarterbacks in the Big 12 outside of preseason All-American Will Grier at West Virginia. So the first order of business for the Tech QB is to not muck up the game.

I think this depends on what one’s definition of manage is, and if it’s not to turn the ball over (which is think is the key) then everything should be okay.

Miscellaneous . . . HookEm’s Kirk Bohls has 32 predictions, including this, “Todd Orlando will continue to impress and will take a head coaching job at Texas Tech, which will be in the mood for championship defense after so many offensive-minded head coaches, or at East Carolina.” . . . Heartland College Sports’ Cameron Brock previews and predicts Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech . . . DMN’s Chuck Carlton previews Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech and playing the RBBLS as exposure for the program . . .

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