The Morning Stake | 2018.09.05

Texas Tech Softball

Texas Tech Golf

Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Soccer

The ladies are ranked 25th overall and don’t forget senior night this Friday.

Lady Raider Basketball

Full schedule released!

Texas Tech Football

Yesterday, Kliff Kingsbury met with the media and there were some articles that recapped that, but shortly after this, I’ll be posting a Quote Board summarizing the highlights, so make sure and check that out.

In my Ten Things after the game, I expressed my frustration about how prepared the team was the first game out of the gate and RedRaiderSports’ Aaron Dickens expressed similar thoughts but focused on the lack of football IQ with some of these mistakes from the game and how that has to improve.

Miscellaneous . . . LandGrant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross with the best plays from week 1 in the Big 12 . . . Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo with week 2 power rankings . . . LandGrant Gauntlet’s Franklin Markel with the good, bad, and ugly from week 1 in the Big 12 . . .

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