Quote Board: Kingsbury Talks Houston and Injury Updates

Your guy, head coach Kliff Kingsbury, spoke to the media yesterday and we’ve got you covered.

In case you don’t have much time, you should know that Kliff Kingsbury said that there’s no update on McLane Carter and I think the expectation is that he’s going to be out a while, but the reporters still need to ask (they should, it’s their job to know). Travis Bruffy may not be ready by Saturday, so watch out for that and expect Dawson Deaton to get another start. Also, Da’Leon Ward is more ready than Tre King and I think there’s probably a good chance that Ward returns this week, while King may still be out.

I think that’s basically the injury report.

As far as quotes, Kliff Kingsbury was asked about how much progress that quarterback Alan Bowman has made from the Ole Miss game to the Lamar game:

Q. How do you feel Alan has progressed these last few weeks?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: I think with more of the reps last week, he made some strides. We’ve still got a long way to go. He’s still learning on the fly. But I think as we push reps his way, he definitely took a step forward, and we have to hope that continues.

Q. In terms of what Alan has been able to do just not turning the ball over, is that just one of the best traits that you’ve seen out of him, considering he’s really right out of high school so far?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I think that’s — with young players, that’s always your fear is reckless with the football. But he’s adhered to the play the next play, live to play another play. If it’s not there, throw it away, and he really hasn’t been sacked, I don’t believe, which says a lot. If it’s not there, he’s throwing it away, continues to let us play downhill instead of backing us up, and those are the things we’re looking for, let the playmakers make the plays. If it’s not there, live to play another play.

As far as the offense, Kingsbury was asked how Dawson Deaton did in his first start:

Q. Following up on that, how did Dawson do on Saturday?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: He did well for his first start in the Big 12. To put him at left tackle, that’s not an easy spot, and I thought he handled himself well. I think the beautiful part about Dawson is that he can play any position on our line, which I think he’s the only person in our program who can do that and start at any position. So he’s invaluable to that group, and for him to be able to step in at an important position like left tackle, protect that quarterback’s blind side, it definitely gives us coaches a lot of confidence moving forward.

And Kingsbury also was asked about the receivers who have impressed and notice who Kingsbury does not mention (cough . . . cough . . . T.J. Vasher):

Q. What have you thought of your receivers’ blocking so far, and who has excelled at that?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, you know, they have big shoes to fill. I feel like last year that group, Dylan and Keke and Cam were as good a blocking receivers as we’ve had. But I think Antoine Cox Wesley, he needs to get bigger and stronger, but he gives great effort; Da’Quan Bowman gives great effort; Zach and Ja’Deion, kind of the older guys, they’re a good example of how to play every snap even without the football. So I’d say those four guys are the ones who kind of stand out on tape.

Let’s get to the comments about the Cougars, where Kingsbury has high praise for Ed Oliver:

Q. How do you prepare for a defensive line like they have and also just a guy who’s as talented as Ed Oliver?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I don’t think you can simulate what he brings. His motor is unlike any player I’ve ever seen, the way he plays that hard every snap, every play, chasing the football, relentless. So you’ve got to give him a lot of credit. It’s impressive to watch.

And Kingsbury addresses the offense and what’s changed and as well as quarterback D’Eriq King:

Q. How much has the offense changed compared to what you guys saw last year in Houston?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: Quite a bit. Yeah, quite a bit. This is a lot of the stuff that Kendall did at Baylor, which they were wildly successful there, did a great job at FAU and is doing a great job here with a lot of talented, skilled players. It’ll be a huge challenge for our defense.

Q. Along those lines, what have you seen from King, and what do you like from him?
KLIFF KINGSBURY: Yeah, I loved D’Eriq coming out, great young man. We recruited him. He played receiver when he initially got there, but he’s playing really well at quarterback. Threw it really, really well last week, had some great deep balls, so he’s progressed nicely. They’ve done a really good job of developing him as a quarterback. He has the dynamic to beat you with his feet and his arm, so he’s a tough out, there’s no doubt.

And last but not least, Kingsbury was asked a few questions about how Patrick Mahomes and Jakeem Grant did this past week and so if you want to check out those comments, feel free to click on over.

As to the players, the quote getting the most play is from defensive tackle Broderick Washington, who would rather not play a team like Lamar:

Q. You said after the Ole Miss game that y’all as a defense needed that kind of wake-up call. Do you think you guys then in week 2 needed something to build that momentum back up?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: You want my opinion?

Q. That’s why I asked you the question, yes.
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Honestly, I would have preferred to play two hard teams first, actually three, honestly, and then go into conference knowing that — at least having a good sense of where we are as a team and knowing the things that we need to work on.

Q. So is that essentially, well, we didn’t really learn a lot from last week? Is that kind of what your takeaway is when you play a team like Lamar?
BRODERICK WASHINGTON JR.: Honestly, I feel like they shouldn’t have been on the schedule.


Wide receiver Ja’Deion High was not as controversial:

Q. In terms of Houston, what have you seen from them, from a defensive perspective?
JA’DEION HIGH: I mean, they run a lot of zone concepts. They’re real aggressive, got two good defensive linemen, looking forward to seeing what they do, great players, they cover well. So we’ll see what they have when we match up.

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