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I’ve been curious as to the relationship between the Reagor Dykes bankruptcy and Texas Tech and EverythingLubbock had this note, that essentially Reagor Dykes spent $88,200 in 2017-18 and $92,496 in 2018-19, but the best part . . .

Among the long list of creditors is Red Raider Sports Properties. RD spent $84,000 to sponsor Red Raider athletics in 2016/17; $88,200 in 2017/18; and was on track to spend $92,496 in 2018/19 according to court records.

Those payments were in exchange for radio spots, signs, video board appearances and other things during Texas Tech football, basketball and baseball games.

Payments were made in installments to Red Raider Sports Properties, care of Learfield Communications. The most recent check for $7,708 bounced according to court records. The company filed a claim for more than $15,000.

The last check from Reagor Dykes bounced and I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something. Also, if you wanted to check it out, every creditor against Reagor Dykes is listed there.

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One of the dust-ups has been the fact that Texas Tech wanted to wear white on Saturday as part of their Celebrate Cotton game, but there’s an NCAA rule says that the home team typically wears their colors and has to get permission to wear white. Well, Houston has balked at this and as reported by RedRaiderSports’ Brandon Soliz, Kirby Hocutt said on his radio show yesterday, he said that head coach Kliff Kingsbury even tried to call Major Applewhite, but to no avail:

– This week’s top headline has been uniform related. The Red Raiders will be wearing red jerseys despite the game’s theme being Celebrate Cotton. Houston has denied an agreement to allow the home team, Texas Tech, to wear the usual white that the away team wears. Kirby said this is “very unfortunate,” but wants the West Texas fans to welcome Houston with a traditional West Texas welcome when they come out onto the field for play.

– This issue even went to as far as Kliff Kingsbury speaking with Major Applewhite, Houston head coach, to try and come up with an agreement but ended up with no deal.

I was sort of ignoring the recent Forbes article about college football’s most valuable teams and Texas Tech checking in at #25. The reason I was ignoring this was because I don’t know really how accurate revenue and/or profits are because I don’t know if every college program defines those terms exactly the same. It seems like they should, but if a program is trying to raise money for a stadium or an indoor practice facility, then maybe their revenue looks bigger than in a normalized situation. There’s probably some accuracy to the list, so I’m not denying that at all, I just don’t know how accurate it is.

This is pretty fun and congrats to those guys that have made rosters.

He bought a saddle. Yeah, special teams coach Adam Scheier bought a saddle and will now have the “Rider of the Game” signs the saddle. You can say a lot of things about Scheier, but he’s invested and is trying to create some pride in the special teams.

These are some ProFootballFocus things for the week.

Miscellaneous . . . AthlonSports predicts each game and two folks predict a loss and one person predicts a win . . . Houston Chronicle’s Joseph Duarte writes about how Houston is attempting to bring back games against former Southwest Conference schools . . .

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