Staff & Community Predictions: Houston vs. Texas Tech

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Your line is currently at Texas Tech +1.5, but I asked the staff to use the line at +1, which I don’t think changed how they ended up predicting the game. Please leave your overall records in the comments. We’re keeping those receipts!

Staff Predictions

Dan Swany
Straight Up (1-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (1-1): Texas Tech
Commentary: This game will go down to the wire, and Tech will win in the last few minutes of the game. The ground and air attack for the Red Raiders will be on fire… and I expect Vasher to find the end zone more than once over the Houston secondary. The Cougars will push Texas Tech to the edge, yet I feel we come out with the win 38-31. Wreck ‘em!!!

Straight Up (1-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (1-1): Texas Tech
Commentary: As I said in the Big 12 Road Trip, I think Houston is a bit overrated based on their performances so far against sub-par competition. I know Kliff has given the Cougars a lot of love, but it’s also part of his job to manage expectations. I think Tech’s offense hums behind a strong offensive line and with a QB that protects the ball well. I think the defense makes enough stands to be the difference-maker and overall Tech plays to their potential. I like Tech by two scores.

Straight Up (1-1): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (0-2): Texas Tech
Commentary: This is a heart pick. In order for Texas Tech to even think about making a bowl game, they have to win this one at home. Covering Houston’s tall receivers gives me pause, but King’s accuracy issues could come in to play and will result in an interception for the Red Raiders. Mr. Oliver will make running the ball a difficult task, so a lot of pressure (the mental kind and the physical kind) will be on Bowman. Celebrate cotton with a dang W, fellas.

Michael LaBarre
Straight Up (2-0): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-0): Texas Tech
Commentary: Typically I would pick the Cougars here, but I just have this feeling Tech is going to pull this out. They’re at home, which is huge for the team and the quarterback, Alan Bowman. D’Eriq King will be a problem and score a lot, but Tech will put up points as well. The key is Big Ed Oliver vs the Tech interior line. The phrase “you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him” is right to be used here, but Jack Anderson is one of the best guards in the country and Paul Stawarz and Madison Akamnonu are some pretty good interior lineman as well. Tech edges out this one.

Straight Up (1-1): Houston
Against the Spread (0-2): Houston
Commentary: Pretty easy to pick Houston against the spread if I’m picking them to win. I think Tech has a chance if they can pressure King into some low percentage throws, especially with his already suspect completion percentage/accuracy. I don’t like the matchup of Tech O vs Houston D. They’re going to sit on short routes and dare you to throw long, counting on their D line to create some havoc while your QB waits for the longer routes to develop and open. If you can open up the Houston defense, your offense will have a shot to keep pace with the Cougar offense, I just have my doubts with a true freshman QB and a receiving group that is still finding its way.

Straight Up (2-0): Texas Tech
Against the Spread (2-0): Texas Tech
Commentary: You may have heard me on 23 Personnel this week talking about how formidable UH looked, but the more I think of it, the more I’m liking Tech in this game. I definitely think it will be hard fought, and Ed Oliver will be a big hurdle to overcome, but this game is more than winnable. I think the offense’s identity under Bowman will truly find its form Saturday, and I think Gibbs & Co. can figure out that UH offense; they have a lot of good pieces, but they shouldn’t be anything this defense can’t solve. Tech wins the turnover battle.

Straight Up (2-0): Houston
Against the Spread (1-1): Houston
Commentary: I think that Houston has the better offense and I’m not certain that the Texas Tech defense has their legs under them and maybe my confidence is shaken a bit (like I’m playing the game and my confidence matters one whit). Until I see the defensive backs play better, I’m going to doubt the pass defense.

Community Predictions (1-1)

That’s right, you’re getting graded on the community projections and thus far, you guys/gals are 1-1 on the year! Ha!

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