2018 Tech Tarot: Oklahoma State

What is better than your father-in-law's barbecue?

It appears The Star was indeed auspicious, as Oliver was kept in check by a combination of great offensive line play and (checks notes) moderate heat.

Vacation is over now, though, and it’s time to charge headlong into conference play.

This week’s fortune is portended by. . .

The Sun.

Good fortune, happiness; the confluence of the physical & ethereal universe coming together and blessing your path forward, aiding momentum.

Texas Tech turned in a vintage offensive performance, and by the arm of a true freshman quarterback no less. Penalty issues aside, Bowman is slinging it, the receivers are catching everything (like High’s fantastic one-handed snag), and your true freshman 4th string running back is showing the early signs of greatness. They did this against a stout defensive front, so there’s plenty to be happy about. Defensively, it looks to be the same story as last year: a formidable front 7 with an exaggerated liability in the secondary. Though the defense has shown its ability to really settle in in the 2nd half, the defensive line, linebackers, and opportune blitzes are going to have to limit opposing quarterbacks.

Good fortune will most certainly be needed against a confident Oklahoma State team in Stillwater. It has been 17 year since Texas Tech won in Stillwater. 17. The Pokes had question marks coming in to the season, most notably at quarterback, but senior (and former walk-on) Taylor Cornelius has cemented his spot and performed admirably, especially against a formidable Boise State Murder Smurf defense. Likewise, OSU’s defense did a great job of making life miserable for the Bronco offense. Mike Gundy and his shining, mullet-ed visage has been nothing if not consistent, and a “down year” for the Cowboys would still end at a record most Tech fans currently crave. Fortune has tended to favor the Pokes, but all streaks are destined to end eventually.

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