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I’m basically re-posting this from Saturday because not everyone checks in on a Saturday morning because you all have things to do and you don’t get the chance to read everything. On Friday, Texas Tech basketball was picked to finish 7th in the preseason coaches Big 12 poll.

Team (1st Place Votes) Points
1. Kansas (9)* 81
2. Kansas State 72
3. West Virginia 61
T4. TCU 54
Texas 54
6. Iowa State 41
7. Texas Tech 36
8. Oklahoma 21
9. Baylor 20
10. Oklahoma State 10

I honestly don’t know much about most of the other teams, except that I know that Kansas is absolutely loaded. Loaded. The 2019 Kansas State team is essentially the 2018 Texas Tech team, they return a ton of talented seniors who have been with the program for four years and as we all know, talented seniors are key to success (and they do have talented seniors). West Virginia is always tough and returns Sagaba Konate and Lamont West, who are both expected to get drafted. I think that TCU, Texas, Texas Tech, and Iowa State are all pretty similar, but the coaches probably don’t know what to think about some of Texas Tech’s transfers, Matt Mooney, Tariq Owens, and Deshawn Corprew. As an aside, I don’t think that Baylor will be 9th worst team in the Big 12.

Texas Tech Football

Also on Saturday morning, there was a lengthy article from Don Williams about how the students are leaving en masse at halftime. The athletic department tried to do some give-aways and things like that, which didn’t really work. I think with a lot of things, worrying about it is seemingly pointless in a lot of ways. I get how the athletic department wants the students to stick around, but maybe they’re just not as invested yet. It’s strange how the culture at a place like Iowa State, where the students would probably just sleep in Jack Trice Stadium. For whatever reason, that culture has developed, but I somewhat believe that gimmicks aren’t going to do it and I don’t fault the athletic department for making an attempt. At some point, there’s going to be this group of fans that sort of stick around, and eventually that will hopefully bleed over into other fans staying. the idea though is that I think it has to be organic, it has to come from within the students.

Kliff Kingsbury, Clayton Hatfield and Ja’Deion High met with the media.

I didn’t have time to do a non-transcript, there wasn’t a ton of updates, although Kingsbury did say that Bowman was set and ready to go for TCU, but the coaches were overly cautious. So I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing that there are different levels to a collapsed lung, maybe they’re not all the same. Ja’Deion High did also say that Kingsbury has had this Iowa State game circled so he’s told the team that he wants this win. RedRaiderSports’ Jack Densmore and A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. summarized the presser and Clayton Hatfield said that he can kick from 60 to 65 yard field goals if necessary, he seems like he’s got a lot of confidence.

Miscellaneous . . . SB Nation’s Bill Connelly has his updated S&P+ rankings and Teas Tech moved up 4 spots to 31st overall, which is 4 spots behind Houston who is 27th and 9 spots behind Oklahoma State. As an aside, if you let unimportant things bother you, you’ll go crazy so don’t worry about anything other than having some fun . . .

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