Texas Tech Hoops – 5 Bold Predictions

#1 The Red Raiders beat Duke in NYC

On December 20th at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, Texas Tech will take down Duke basketball. Even with the Blue Devils superstar Zion Williamson and his crew, Coach K will be outdone by Coach Beard. We will have played teams like University of Southern Cal and Memphis before this match, yet the Duke victory is going to be by far our most significant quality win all season in out-of-conference play.

#2 Texas Tech finish in the Top 3 of the Big 12

Being picked to finish 7th was a slap in the face to our team after just having a breakout year. It seems we all feel disrespected, and some of us embrace the challenge of proving the nonbelievers wrong. Texas Tech will get our chance to make it to the top of the conference, and us fans will have a party the whole time we’re climbing the ladder.

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#3 Jarrett Culver is a 1st round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft

Culver is an NBA prospect and his name is known throughout the college basketball scene since him and Zhaire tore it up as frosh last season. There are NBA scouts that speculate he has a few holes in his game, and others that think he needs a little more time to develop. Culver is going to be the top scorer on the team this season, and will show how much he has progressed his skill set from last season. He will hear his name called during the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft.

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#4 Texas Tech makes it to the Sweet Sixteen

After coming off the wild ride of March Madness to the Elite Eight, we thirst for more. The NCAA Tournament is addictive, especially if you have a dog in the hunt. The Red Raiders got a taste of it, and we want more. Texas Tech will make the NCAA tourney and once again have a rowdy ride toward the Sweet Sixteen.

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#5 Chris Beard injures himself (again) while coaching

When Coach Beard first became head coach of the basketball program, I remember in the introductory banquet event he held his guns up and had an arm/wrist protector on his hand/arm. I came to find out he broke his hand by punching a whiteboard during a halftime pep talk in the NCAA tournament (while coaching UALR). This last season Coach Beard tore his ACL while cheering our team on the sidelines during the Iowa State game. Beard is a passionate man while coaching and I admire that tremendously, it’s a dangerous job.


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