The Morning Stake | 2018.11.01

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Head coach Marlene Stollings met with the media yesterday and Stollings touched a bunch of topics, from the movement in transitioning to a new system and the newcomers.

Texas Tech Basketball

If you read one thing today, please read Texas Tech Today’s Randy Rosetta’s story on manager Colin Baxter and his friend Chris Beard. I promise you won’t be disappointed:

Baxter’s refusal to quit, his persistence to get back to campus and complete a degree and not let a lifelong dream fall by the wayside – those are straight out of a coach’s motivational handbook.

“I absolutely love him being around the team,” Beard said. “He spoke to our guys recently, and I guarantee you nobody held court like he did. He had all the eyes on him and those guys were completely quiet and respectful.

“I’ve never met anyone tougher than Colin. He has this incredible positive outlook and not in a fake away. The way he chooses to live his life is incredible to me.”

Rivals’ Eric Bossi writes about if Brandone Francis can get back to his top 100 high school ranking:

Bossi’s analysis: A 23-year-old senior, Francis is another guy who has been around the block a time or two. He emerged as a three-point shooting threat during his junior season at Texas Tech and on team that has to replace a lot of perimeter scoring, there’s every opportunity for him to step up.

John Reilly continues to bring the heat.

Texas Tech Football

Miscellaneous . . . both of these next links are via CollegeFootballTalk, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued a scathing statement to the Maryland Board of Regents and asked the regents to reconsider their decision to retain Maryland head coach DJ Durkin and by the end of the day Durkin had been fired. It’s amazing that it took the governor to make a statement and I could make a comment here about regents and governors and transparency but I’ll bite my tongue . . . CBS Sports has 10 college football picks, including Texas Tech and Oklahoma . . .

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