2018 Tech Tarot – Kansas State

What is better than your father-in-law's barbecue?

Banned from 8 separate Vegas books

There’s no sense dwelling on the what-if’s, fate waits for no man.

We arrive in Manhattan this week to. . .

. . .The Wizard

Talents & capabilities to succeed; tapping into one’s potential to cause transformation.

It was touched upon last week, but this team has faced absurd amounts of adversity and has almost overcome it for the past 3 games against ranked opponents.


This Tech team is very good, possibly Kliff’s best overall, and has terrible luck. As the season enters the home stretch, the Red Raiders need to pull together and finish strong, regardless of QB. Jett can give games away as easy as he could win them, and it’s time for him to step up and push Tech from “almost” to “handled.” Turn up the rushing game. Pull down the turnovers on defense. Secure the dang ball when you run. We haven’t won in Manhattan since 2008, and we’ve only beaten the Wildcats once since then. Get the W in Manhattan, grab the next one in Arlington, and make a statement in the bowl game.


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