The Morning Stake | 2018.01.07

Leading Off

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was terrific weather in Dallas on Saturday and Sunday and spent most of those days outside.

Lady Raider Basketball

I think last year’s losses were by an average of 45, so believe it or not, this is progress, and this Baylor team just knocked off UConn who had suffered a loss since the Roosevelt Administration (only slightly kidding).

Texas Tech Baseball

Texas Tech Basketball

This only affects the Big 12 Conference race entirely, NO BIG DEAL! Kansas announced that center Udoka Azubuike tore a ligament in his right and and is out for the entire year. This is a really big deal and since Kansas was absolutely blown out by Iowa State on Saturday in Ames, this is going to have a significant impact on the Big 12. Don’t get me wrong, the Big 12 still runs through Kansas and they probably still have the most talented team, but look out.

Texas Tech Football

Don’t ever forget that he is one of us.

This is kinda fun because the team that I have a rooting interest for is not involved. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that USC has denied Kliff Kingsbury the opportunity to interview with the Jets and Cardinals. You kinda understand that since he just signed on to take the job there, but PFT’s Mike Florio (grain of salt) writes that Kingsbury may simply pay the low USC buyout (he can probably afford it) and look into an NFL coaching position.

However it plays out, many are surprised by Swann’s decision. He’s believed to be the first college A.D. to ever block a coach from interviewing for an NFL head-coaching job, and he may end up having plenty of explaining to do to media, boosters, and fans if he loses Kingsbury. Indeed, it’s possible that the Jets and Cardinals may have hired someone other than Kingsbury, which would have resulted in Kingsbury staying at USC.

It’s been a while since we spoke, but you already know Dana Holgorsen took the Houston job and by Friday or Saturday, Neal Brown, the Troy coach, took the job with the Mountaineers. We’re going to have some really interesting off-season conversations as there were a handful of Big 12 hires, Brown at West Virginia, Les Miles at Kansas, Chris Klieman at Kansas State and Wells at Texas Tech, where we’ll be able to maybe reflect about what was the right or wrong hire. And I suppose that you could conceivably throw Holgorsen in on that deal too at Houston, although it should be easier for him to have success at Houston (it’s easier to win whatever conference the Cougars are in than the Big 12).

Miscellaneous . . . Fox26’s Mark Berman reports that David Gibbs will be the defensive coordinator for the Houston Cougars . . . The Athletics’ Bruce Feldman reports that Brandon Jones, who was originally hired by North Carolina in December, has decided to go with Dana Holgorsen and Houston . . .

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