The Morning Stake | 2019.01.31

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500-Year Experiment. This is totally off-topic, but from The Atlantic we some scientists from the University of Edinburgh in 2014 who want future scientists to open a wooden box in 500 years to see if bacteria will grow when added in water. The experiment wasn’t necessarily interesting to me ($20 says the bacteria grows), but the idea of planning for something 500 years from now caught my attention. Where do you write instructions (USB stick, paper or engrave it on metal)? Will English be a language still spoken (the scientists are asking that every 25 years the instructions be re-written so the meaning remains intact)?

Lamesa Food Suggestions. Quick ultramarathon update, everything is going well other than being a bit behind training because of a strained IT band about 3 weeks ago. I think I’m past the injury (knocks on wood) and am looking forward to 20 miles this weekend. Anyway, this ultramarathon is basically running around Colorado Bend State Park, and I booked a hotel room in Lamesa Lampasas for Friday and Saturday night. If anyone has any food suggestions hollar at me. I think on Friday night, maybe just some Italian food, nothing too crazy or heavy, and Saturday night after the race I’m looking for a chicken fried steak. I’ll leave a comment below and you can respond if you have any suggestions.

EDIT: I’m actually staying in Lampasas. This is the bad part about writing at 4 in the morning, making mistakes with towns that start with the letter “L”. So, any Lampasas suggestions or places near Lampasas would be great.

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Preseason All-Big 12. The Big 12 announced the preseason All-Big 12 team and you could say that Texas Tech was all over this list. Josh Jung is the preseason Player of the Year, freshman Max Marusak is the preseason Freshman of the Year, and Arkansas transfer Bryce Bonnin is the preseason Newcomer of the Year. Jung, Cam Warren, Gabe Holt, Caleb Kilian, and Caleb Freeman were named to the preseason All-Big 12 Team.

TV Schedule. Texas Tech announced their television schedule, which includes 5 conference games and 12 home games that will be broadcast through its third-tier agreement with FOX Sports. Details at the link.

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Fireside Chat. The latest fireside chat features a student, Michael, who is the CEO of ttuRaiderRiot. Another entertaining episode and of all things Michael is from Rockwall and he says that Braum’s is his favorite restaurant back home. We have this internal debate among the staff that Braum’s is meh (this includes me who is lactose intolerant), the ice cream treats are fine, but the food is meh. Anyway, I know that you all won’t have any opinions on this and Michael was a really good guest, his advice at the end is really good and Beard was impressed.

Oh, and Beard said that an hour before the game on Monday, Texas Tech football coach Matt Wells will meet with the students before the game. Fill us in if anyone goes.

Texas Tech Football

Rico. Another official site video tweeted out by one of the players, which is great, and this time it is linebacker Rico Jeffers. Interesting how it’s coming from the players rather than the official site, which I like.

Workout Things. This is Joey Bergles and he’s an associate S&C coach and here are some workout videos.

Miscellaneous . . . CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds reported that current Liberty AD and former Baylor AD Ian McCaw thinks that Art Briles will be “largely exonerated” this time next season. Don’t ever forget that Baylor settled a case in which 8 football players gang-raped a volleyball player and that this same lawsuit alleged that gang rapes among the football team were so common that it was considered a bonding experience . . .

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