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The Morning Stake | 2019.04.25

Your daily dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

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Back Up. Sorry about the lack of Morning Stake yesterday, the lack of internet takes a toll on all of us and your complaints to CenturyLink helped because we’re obviously back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

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Fireside Chat. I get the feeling that Brian Burg is a man of few words.

Red Raider Celebration. This is tonight, I hope we get some first-hand reports tomorrow.

Las Vegas Tournament. Something tells me that the Red Raider faithful will travel well to the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational on November 28th & 29th.

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NFL Draft. The NFL Draft starts today and most of the intrigue is what happens with Kliff Kingsbury at Arizona and whether or not he’ll draft Kyler Murrey. My money is on that he does and they eventually trade Rosen, however, I’m an incredibly casual observer of the NFL and I’m really not invested in any team.

Big Board. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller has his final big board with Antoine Wesley at #31 among receivers (which seems low), Dakota Allen at #23 among linebackers, and Jah’Shawn Johnson at #36 among safeties. I had not seen Johnson mentioned as a potential draftee, but I’d almost guarantee that he gets a look as a free agent in the NFL.

New Big 12 Coaches. AP’s Stephen Hawkins writes about the four new Big 12 coaches:

“All very quality coaches and deserving of their jobs, and it will be an interesting year,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said. “We’ve been in a pattern in our league where we knew each other really well for a number of years, so this will throw a little curveball to everybody in the league for a couple of years.”


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