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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.19

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Birds are Basically Dinosaurs. Via The Guardian, the discovery of a toothed seabird fossil in New Zealand are raising questions:

Canterbury Museum curator Paul Scofield said the bony, tooth-like projections on the beak turned over commonly held views on the development of seabirds.

“Until we found this skeleton, all the really old pelagornithids had been found in the northern hemisphere, so everyone thought they’d evolved up there,” Scofield said.

Gerald Mayr, of the Frankfurt-based National History Museum, declared the find “truly amazing and unexpected”.

“Not only is the fossil one of the most complete specimens of a pseudo-toothed bird, but it also shows a number of unexpected skeletal features that contribute to a better understanding of the evolution of these enigmatic birds,” he said.

So, I had no idea of two things: 1) that toothed-birds were only found in the northern hemisphere; and 2) we can all agree that armadillos and birds, especially ostriches, all were at one time dinosaurs.

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Just Win, Baby. A-J Media’s Don Williams editorializes that Texas Tech football must win and win with some offensive style:

But going into 2019, the mandate from Kirby Hocutt is to crank up the winning. Playing exciting offense, scoring a lot of points, got the Red Raiders nowhere for the past decade. Hocutt made it clear in August that his expectation now is a hard-edged defense and solid special teams to go along with the offense.

The AD has had it up to here with sporadic performances, silly penalties, soft psyches.

If the Red Raiders have to sacrifice a little offense along the way to the top, so be it.

Hocutt wants a team that looks physically and mentally tough and prepared every week. It doesn’t have to be SEC football, but a team that doesn’t get pushed around, whose resolve doesn’t go away when the going gets tough. That’s the target.

That’s not an easy needle to thread in a short time.

Personally, I don’t care about style, I care more about the substance. Oh, sure, the offense needs to produce, but had Texas Tech won 28-21 over Arizona, I wouldn’t have cared that the offense scored 28. I did care that the offense could only score 14, but the offense looked inept last Saturday. I don’t think there’s any way around that. But I think Texas Tech fans would take 28-24 wins every day of the week if those happened and I think most Texas Tech fans  would care less about the offense. Evidence? Chris Beard’s version of basketball is not necessarily pretty, the defense grinds down games, but it has made people fans of grind-it-down defense. The point? Fans will become fans of whatever style that wins.


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