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The Morning Stake | 2019.09.20

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The Uffington Horse. Via Smithsonian Magazine, in Uffington in Oxfordshire, England, there’s a pictogram of a horse that’s the size of a football field and can be seen from the sky that’s essentially filled in with chalk that dates 3,000 years old. That part is really cool, but the best part is that the people who live in the area have essentially kept this horse alive by re-chalking it for, well, 3,000 years (because if they had not, then it would have disappeared within 20 or 30 years):

It’s chalking day, a cleaning ritual that has happened here regularly for three millennia. Hammers, buckets of chalk and kneepads are handed out and everyone is allocated an area. The chalkers kneel and smash the chalk to a paste, whitening the stony pathways in the grass inch by inch. “It’s the world’s largest coloring between the lines,” says George Buce, one of the participants.

Chalking or “scouring” the horse was already an ancient custom when antiquarian Francis Wise wrote about it in 1736. “The ceremony of scouring the Horse, from time immemorial, has been solemnized by a numerous concourse of people from all the villages roundabout,” he wrote.

In the past, thousands of people would come for the scouring, holding a fair in the circle of a prehistoric fort nearby. These days it’s a quieter event. The only sounds are the wind, distant birdsong and the thumping of hammers on the chalk that can be felt through the feet.

Opening of Veterinary School. Very cool moment when former Texas Tech chancellor Robert Duncan received a standing ovation at the ground-breaking of the Texas Tech Veterinary School. That’s an incredibly well-deserved standing ovation.

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Cartwells. Taylor Peters hosts with head coach Matt Wells and joined by tight end Donta Thompson. Very cool to hear Donta talk about his degree and how he wants to maybe be a counselor or perhaps coach. Wells also congratulates Wes Kittley’s son, Zach, who used to be a graduate assistant here at Texas Tech, had a huge win over South Dakota 53-52. Houston Baptist was 1-10 last year and are 2-1 early this season. I find it pretty terrific that Wells is keeping up with Houston Baptist and knew that they won a game and then to congratulate Kittley is terrific too.

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