A Look Around the Big 12 in Week 4

What’s happening this week?

I normally put this sort of stuff in the weekly preview, but without a weekly preview there’s no place to put this, so you get a Big 12 Bye Week for week 4 of the Big 12. This week’s Big 12 schedule actually features a couple of Big 12 games, West Virginia travels to Kansas and Oklahoma State takes on Texas. I think the Oklahoma State/Texas should be a fantastic game and if Texas loses this game . . .

I’m not sure if the Minister of Culture will be able to take it (As an aside, I don’t care what anyone says, I love Matthew McConaughey and I think his bit, Minister of Culture at Texas, is great and the fact that he lives and dies as a fan of his college team is terrific. He ain’t no bandwagon fan.). Oh, and the embedded tweet is an absolute blast of a Twitter thread from an Aggie (don’t let that dissuade you) and it’s damn poetry.

“The world is going to call y’all football players. Nah nah nah, caballeros” [laughs mischievously to self] “y’all are soul sherpas in a sweat lodge of e-qua-nim-i-ty. Kiss the fire, sensei. Coo to the mighty Jayhawk. Seek ba-lance in the koi pond inside you.”

Hell yeah.

“It’s all right here. Reckon there’ll be bloodshed tonight. Com-bat. We yearn for comfort. Safety. We build lil cocoons for ourselves. It’s an illusion, k? These are prisons. Your soul is doing time, man. Embrace the carnage. Your corazón is just blood and tissue. Set it free.”

I thought it would be good to take a look at the advanced stats as well.

The king of the mountain is still Oklahoma, by a wide margin /shakes fist at Jalen Hurts/ and then there’s a bunch in the 20’s to 30’s range. And those advanced stats love some Baylor. It will be interesting to see what happens when they get into Big 12 play, but they just haven’t played much of anyone. Texas Tech has fallen quite a bit after the loss to Arizona (was 29th in SP+ and 40th in FPI), and these aren’t necessarily projecting stats, but are rather a reflection of what’s happened thus far. The formula for FEI hasn’t been high on Texas Tech since the start of the season, but whatever.

Enjoy the bye week my friends.


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