Texas Tech Football Position Preview: Offensive Line

Up front!

The big uglies! I don’t know if I’m allowed to call them that, but it is time to take a look at the offensive line and for whatever reason, I’m strangely comfortable with how this group is. I like that there’s a good mix of upperclassmen and young guys, but it is overall a young group, with 5 of the 13 being juniors and the rest being underclassmen.

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56 Anderson, Jack Guard 6-5/320 Jr.
59 Marshall, Demarcus Guard 6-3/320 So.
64 Franks, Clayton Guard 6-4/295 So.
66 White, Hakeem Guard 6-3/285 So.
70 Wright, Weston Guard 6-6/310 So.
74 Farrar, Will Guard 6-5/310 Jr.
73 Deaton, Dawson Center 6-6/305 Jr.

I think that Deaton and Farrar are the centers, with Deaton running first team and Farrar basically going back and forth between center and guard (cross-training I think is what they call it) and then Jack Anderson is starting at the other guard with Wright being the other guard. It’s a crowded room and I actually like how this staff and the prior staff recruited. I’m anxious to see White and Marshall at guard as I loved their video in high school, but they’ll have to wait for now.


65 Adams, Zach Tackle 6-6/320 Sr.
68 Verhulst, Casey Tackle 6-6/290 Jr.
72 Peterson, Landon Tackle 6-6/285 R-Fr.
53 Roberson, Trevor Tackle 6-11/345 R-Fr.
67 Bradshaw, Troy Tackle 6-6/280 So.
77 Carde, Ethan Tackle 6-8/320 So.

I think that Adams and Verhulst are your starters for now, but apparently Peterson is pushing quite a bit. As you recall, Peterson was the late add from Midland last year and I recall head coach Matt Wells saying that Peterson is coming on strong. Of all things, I happen to know Peterson’s brother (small world) and he lives in the same town where we stay. From what I can tell, Carde is the late JUCO add from this year and if I had to guess, his strength is something that needs work.


57 Morrow, Ty Line 6-4/275 Jr.
60 Zotz, CJ Line 6-3/275 R-Fr.
63 Castro, Aaron Line 6-3/285 R-Fr.
69 Stewart, John Line 6-4/250 R-Fr.
71 Azam, Reece Line 6-3/295 R-Fr.
79 Garritty, Wyatt Line 6-4/275 Fr.

This is the most enjoyable and time-consuming part of this process.

Morrow served 6 years in the U.S. Navy, after his time in service, he enrolled to play at Midwestern, but was shipped off in one of his two deployments, Bahrain, and I think he came back to Texas Tech and started then . . . Zotz redshirted last year and was a member of the scout team . . . Castro is from the same high school as Chux Nwabuko, and he has an older brother, Manuel, who attends Texas Tech . . . I couldn’t find out a lot about Stewart, but Harper is a small community right outside of Fredericksburg . . . Azam originally committed to Air Force and I’m not sure if he played a year, but let’s suppose that he did. I did like Azam’s video and he’s really a quite capable center from what I can tell . . . Garrity is the preferred walk-on from Minnesota of all things, via Jireh Prep in North Carolina . . .


Rogers, Caleb Line 6-4/271 Fr.
Moore, Larry Line 6-6/265 Fr.

Only two linemen and I think they are both projects in a way. I remember linking both of them, Moore maybe slightly more than Robers, but I think you’ve got one inside and one outside guy and for the future.


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