MLB is Coming Back and a Kuminga Update | 23 Personnel Podcast – 151



  • Move to All-Mobile ticketing for Men’s & Women’s basketball and football
  • Jonathan Kuminga interest
    • Comment from Ntambwe to 24/7 Sports on 6/21 – “We are still trying to go through everything. We really don’t know and haven’t really made up our mind.”


  • Texas Tech Roster Updates
    • Clayton Beeter – drafted 2nd round by Dodgers
    • Bryce Bonnin – drafted 3rd round by Reds
    • Marco Raya – drafted 4th round by Twins
    • John McMillon – signed with Royals
    • Brian Klein – signed with Nationals
  • BASEBALL IS BACK! Things could get wild
    • Players report to “spring training” July 1
      • Teams have to submit 60-player spring rosters by Sunday
      • Transaction freeze ends this week
    • Season set to start July 23 or 24
    • 60-game regular season, will run through September 27
      • Majority of the schedule will be divisional (40, 10 each), then play 20 game vs opposite leagues corresponding geographic divisions (east vs east, west vs west, central vs central)
      • Rangers would match up with NL West – Dodgers, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Padres, Giants
    • Games will be without fans in attendance
    • NL will adopt designated hitter (for 2021 season as well)
    • Games going into extra innings – teams will begin with a runner on second
    • Trade deadline August 31
    • Covid-related rules:
      • Pitchers must carry wet rags to the mound with them – can not lick their fingers
      • Batters must bring their own bat weights; no bat boys
  • Does this give more teams a shot at the postseason?
  • Should records count for this season? 
  • Little League update? 
    • We are 4 games in



  • Alabama’s Chadarius Townsend (6’-0”, 194 lbs)
    • Graduate transfer – eligible immediately
    • Two years of remaining eligibility
    • 4-star out of High School
    • Played IR but will play RB at Tech (confirmed by wells in Typical Tech interview)
    • Current RB’s
      • SaRodorick Thompson (only scholarship player)
      • Tahj Brooks (incoming)
      • Xavier White (walk-on WR)
  • 2021 Commit Behren Morton made final Elite 11 cut of 20 QBs


What Did We Learn 

Harry Potter and/or Ozark Update

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