College Football Open Thread | 2020.09.10

A few rules.

  • Be nice and respectful. Treat each other like you would treat someone at a bar. Have a conversation, disagree passionately, cheer loudly (but virtually), but at the end of the day remember that we’re on the same team.
  • If you see an inappropriate comment, don’t reply to it, but flag it and I’ll take care of it. Me taking care of things may not be public, but I’ll do my best.
  • Don’t call people names.
  • Don’t post illegal streams to games. If you see one, please flag and a ban will be forthcoming.

Football schedule is compliments of

I also hear that a very handsome touchdown boy is playing tonight who also happened to play at Texas Tech, so feel free to enjoy that as well (Texans @ Chiefs).

Thursday, September, 10th
UAB at Miami 7:00 pm ACC Network / ESPN Video
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