The Morning Stake | 2020.09.17

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Yesterday, Texas Tech defensive end Tyree Wilson announced that he received his waiver and will be eligible immediately. Wilson was listed as the third team on the initial depth chart last week, so I’d expect Wilson to play.

I’ve been doing a bit on Twitter that basically quote-tweets someone receiving notice that they received their waiver, “Alright @NCAA now do Mac McClung.”

I think there’s the thought that McClung might learn his waiver next week or so is a possibility, but it’s amazing that it takes this long.

I am excited to see what Wilson can do. Texas Tech lacks a true defensive end with true size, most are undersized to an extent and Wilson is prototypical. He had decent stats as a true freshman at TAMU, I hope it translates. Defense needs help.

Avalanche Journal’s Don Williams writes an opinion piece about Texas Tech positive COVID-19 numbers, namely that the headline yesterday was that 75 players (and staff) have tested positive for COVID-19:

But as far as I can tell, there were no equivalent headlines nationally on Aug. 25 when Tech announced that 64 people across all its sports (not football-specific) had tested positive since screenings for the coronavirus began in June, nor on Sept. 2 when the numbers Tech put out showed 63 football players had tested positive.

But it’s inevitable that the cumulative number is going to grow until the pandemic disappears, is it not? Guess what: The next time the Tech athletic department updates its COVID counts, the total number of positives detected since June will exceed 75.

Doesn’t that just stand to reason?

Don also makes the point that not every program (cough Oklahoma cough) aren’t releasing numbers any longer so at the very least, Texas Tech is releasing numbers.

I wrote yesterday that this season is happening whether you agree with the idea of playing in a pandemic or not. Luckily for me, there are things that make both sides of the aisle upset. There’s people that may lean a certain way that are upset that football is being played during a pandemic. There are people that may lean a certain direction that are upset that football players are wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts. You can be upset at either, both, or neither situation, but whatever you think, football is getting played and if you want to get worked up one way or another, then that’s on you.

Basketball, both men’s and women’s will start on November 25th. I think the idea here is that the students will mostly be home, so less risk for infection, etc. Via ESPN:

“By Thanksgiving week, the date of Nov. 25, 76% of all Division I schools will have either finished their fall semester completely or released the general student body for in-person instruction,” Gavitt said on the webinar.

With general students home for the month of December and the early part of January, there is at least a six-week window for the college basketball season to get underway.

I really don’t even care about golf, but I am super-excited for Sandy Scott and playing at the U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

Here are some tweets.

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