Post-Game Thoughts: Oklahoma State 74, Texas Tech 69 (OT)

Another loss.

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Tortilla Tossin’ Player of the Game: This the first game where I’m not sure who deserves the tortilla. You could make cases for McClung, who scored 17, but was 7 of 16, or Shannon who had 18, but he was 6 of 16, or McCullar, who had 12, but 5 turnovers.

The Motion:

  • Well, Texas Tech is not in a good way right now. Not good at all. The inability to shoot and close out gams is a real problem as well as the inability to get to the line (regardless of the reason). Texas Tech was called for 24 fouls compared to just 13 for Oklahoma State. Blaming the refs is fine, but I think it’s also important to consider the defense too that they are simply fouling rather than guarding and that’s a problem.
  • Talking with Dan on the Slack before the game, he thought, and I agree, that Texas Tech needed this win against the Cowboys, on the road. I think that Texas Tech’s chances of getting into the tournament is still very good, but the Red Raiders need to win games and with Texas coming up on Saturday, that’s not going to be easy. I do think that things look a bit different had Texas Tech played TCU for 2 games, that would be 2 games where Texas Tech would likely be favored as well as a home contest against Iowa State.
  • I was happy to see Terrence Shannon score 18 points, but he took 16 shots to get there including 1 of 5 from the three-point line, which isn’t good and I don’t know where he’s getting that green light to shoot. He’s just not good enough to be wasting that many possessions.
  • It also doesn’t help that Mac McClung is also not shooting well, 17 points on 16 shots and 1 of 5 from the three-point line, same as Shannon. McClung has a better history shooting, but given that he’s in a bit of a rut in terms of getting a shot off and making shots, it would help if he got more clean shots, but that’s not happening.
  • Marcus Santos-Silva and Kevin McCullar were the only players to shoot 50% or better, MSS was 4 of 6 and McCullar was 5 of 10, with both players hitting the boards, MSS had 9 with 4 offensive boards, and McCullar had 7 with 2 offensive boards. The biggest problem? they had 8 of the team’s 12 turnovers. When Texas Tech is playing games as close as they can’t afford those turnovers.
  • Kyler Edwards with another silent game. He was present, but really isn’t saying a word being happy to let other players shoot rather than contribute.
  • Some stats. Texas Tech did force 18 OSU turnovers and that’s good, but Texas Tech had 12 of their own. OSU had an advantage on the boards, 37 to 32. Something that Texas Tech usually dominates is points in the paint, but Oklahoma State was terrific there, with a 38-28 advantage. Oklahoma State had a 32-12 advantage on the free throw line, both teams made around the same percentage, 67% for Texas Tech and 69% for Oklahoma State. In terms of free throws made? Oklahoma State had 22 compared to 8 for Texas Tech. Getting to the basket and getting fouls was the difference between winning and losing.
  • In overtime, Texas Tech took 10 shots and made just 2 with 0 free throws attempted, while Oklahoma State shot just 4 times, but went to the line 8 times and made 7. Is it the refs? Is it Texas Tech’s play? Is it a bit of both? I don’t like accepting responsibility for some of the things that I do, but I’m lucky in that I have a wife that doesn’t put up with nothin’ and so whether I like it or not, I’m accountable 24/7. I know that this is something that Beard doesn’t mind shining the light on and holding players accountable as well, but the players have to step up as well. I think the technical foul on Clarence Nadolny was unnecessary, but Texas Tech didn’t lose that game because of that technical foul. Had it been called in the last minute of the game, then sure.
  • Head coach Chris Beard:

    “The first thing about learning is that you have to hold yourself accountable. You have to embrace the truth. You can’t be living in a world of excuses. To be really clear here, you guys asked me a couple questions about the free throw discrepancy, a tough technical foul and the officiating, but that’s not the reason we lost in overtime tonight to the future No. 1 pick and Oklahoma State. That’s not what happened. It’s a game of mistakes. Victory is going to favor the team that is more aggressive. Tonight both teams were aggressive. You can’t say Oklahoma State played harder than Texas Tech. When both teams are playing aggressive, it becomes a game of the fewest mistakes. We made some late. We have to figure out a way to get to the free-throw line and we can’t turn the ball over. We can’t get technical fouls. There’s things you have to do. Tonight we played aggressive and hard enough to win, but we have to play better.”

  • Up next? At home to Texas on Saturday, tip is at 11:00 a.m. and the game will be on CBS.



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