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The Morning Stake | 2021.04.26

An occasional dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

Hey gang. it’s that time of year where I get a big old hickey for running the blog. It is something that I used called Sucuri and it helps keep bad things off of the website. It’s the most expensive thing that I do, about $300 or so each year. It happens every May. With that being said, last year, I threw out my PayPal, which worked great, but I thought that if you wanted to give on a more regular basis, you could buy me a coffee (or a beer or whatever) by just clicking on that button.

Keep in mind that this is totally optional. There’s no obligation, I’ll pay for the site one way or another, it just helps a bit. And the reason I’m doing this rather than gong through PayPal, I had some issues with people making gifts (which is what this is and it is appreciated) and I needed to make refunds and some other things, perhaps some double charges, etc.  To avoid that, I’m taking myself out of the loop regarding that part of the process. Buy Me A Coffee keeps 5% of all transactions and I get 95%. That’s a tradeoff that I’m willing to take.

And this is as good of a time as many to talk about where I am from a time perspective and having time to work on this site on a daily basis. I’m probably about two years or so away from retiring from the blogging game. That’s not an official announcement and I’m leaving myself open to change my mind, but the time constraints with the kids, plus running on a regular basis, and a full-time job, etc. Honestly, it’s Youssouf’s athletic exploits that are getting tough, I’m helping with football, so I’m away from home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (when it’s not raining) and I’ll be helping with basketball when that ramps up this summer. Yo has a lot of iron’s in the fire and if you’ve noticed how I’ve slowed down, well, being gone 3 nights in a week, plus getting up early and running for over an hour 4 days a week create a time crunch.

But this is something that I still enjoy. I enjoy following everything and there’s still a part of me that doesn’t want to leave the football program until it gets on its feet. I could wait for a really long time if I really do think that way, but there’s a part of me that sort of wants to see through a turnaround, even if it’s slight, and now I sort of want to see the basketball team with Adams at the helm and lead the team to something great.

If you are looking to catch up over the weekend, here’s a brief summary for this blog.

  • Baseball was beat pretty badly on Sunday to lose the series, 2-1. Baylor’s two wins were dominating and head coach Tim Tadlock didn’t mince words:

    “It’s really hard to get these guys to look back and reflect until something like this happens,” head coach Tim Tadlock said. “What you hope is, when you lose a series, that they try to figure out exactly who they are individually and as a team.”

    Not that Tadlock would ever use this as an excuse, but I’m thinking that the injuries have caught up with Texas Tech to an extent.

  • Wisconsin safety Reggie Pearson has decided to transfer to Texas Tech after sitting out 2020 for health reasons (they were not Covid related from what I can tell, but I don’t know). Pearson made 60 tackles as a true sophomore and started all but 1 game for the Badgers.
  • Winthrop forward/wing Adonis Arms decided to transfer to Texas Tech and I think this is a big addition (they probably all are at this point) because Arms will likely replace the minutes that Shannon would have played if he stays in the NBA Draft (which I expect he will).

And in big Big 12 news, Kim Mulkey has left Baylor for LSU. We’ve talked a lot about Chis Beard and the idea that sometimes a person just wants to leave. Mulkey had it all at Baylor, but apparently Louisiana is home and this is her lone opportunity to take this job (which seems like a weird thing to write, she could take that job whenever she wants it). Sometimes a coach also realizes when they’ve maybe worn out their welcome and maybe that’s part of this as well.


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