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The Morning Stake | 2022.07.08

News don’t stop.

Conference Realignment

This first link is from Dan Wetzel, who I do respect, but I also know that some have been a bit perturbed at him for writing about how to save the Pac-12, but nothing similar was written about saving the Big 12 last year when Oklahoma and Texas bolted for the SEC. Regardless, this is a point that I had not considered.

Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde:

DAN WETZEL: Here’s the thing about the Big 12. Now, the Big 12, if they could get even four of the PaC-12 teams but let alone six, not only do they add some really good brands– and Oregon and Washington would be tremendous for the Big 12. But Utah certainly fits very well in there, and the Arizona– you add– you add value to your thing.

But a little like we discussed whenever, last week, I think– one of these days, we did these– the Big Ten’s TV value went up not just by adding two Pac-12 schools but eliminating the Pac-12 as a viable plan B option–

PAT FORDE: Correct.

DAN WETZEL: –and making themselves more desirable by supply and demand. And not only do they increase the demand, but they decrease the supply to where it’s just them. The Big 12 would– the best thing the Big 12 could do– because right now, there’s three TV deals coming up. Big Ten– that is plan A all the way. Then, there’s these two other ones– Pac-12 and Big 12, for the other leagues to bid on, including ESPN.

Well, if you eliminate one, if you burn down the other house, now you’re in the last house. So again, supply and demand– the Big 12 could– would get more money not just by adding the markets they add and the fan bases they add but eliminating competition.

With USC and UCLA effectively capping the rest of the Pac-12 at the knees, they diminish the returns for other conferences for television rights.

As an aside, there were some tweets out there saying that this or that was a done deal and X-institutions were headed to Y-conference and I’m not including any of those here. I think that’s where we went wrong the last time and I’m good with people giving their opinions about things but those tweeters trying to break news usually don’t when it comes to conference realignment. I will quote-tweet two things that I thought were interesting.


CBS Sports’ Shehan Jeyarajah ranks the Big 12 coaches and it should not surprise you that Joey McGuire is 10th:

Joey McGuire (62 overall): McGuire has never been a head coach — or even a coordinator — but don’t expect him to stay this low for long. The former Texas high school coach built also-ran Cedar Hill (Texas) into a state power and is already off to a blazing start off the field in Lubbock. McGuire built an outstanding staff with proven coordinators, and he has the Red Raiders in the top 15 in the recruiting rankings. Buy McGuire stock. Last year: N/A in the Big 12

The Big 12 announced their 2022 preseason poll and Texas Tech is predicted to finish 9th.

1. Baylor (17), 365
2. Oklahoma (12), 354
3. Oklahoma State (9), 342
4. Texas (2), 289
5. Kansas State, 261
6. Iowa State (1), 180
7. TCU, 149
8. West Virginia, 147
9. Texas Tech, 119
10. Kansas, 48

CFN predicts every game for every Big 12 team and they are predicting that Texas Tech goes 5-7 on the year, 3-7 in conference, and to finish 9th.


Sometimes these sorts of transfers and arrivals take time and this time, Elijah Fisher arrived in Lubbock yesterday. I should also note that I think I’ve ready/heard that Clarence Nadolny may have decided to stay in France and play or play overseas? I’m not 100% sure on that, but just watch out for that.


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