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The Morning Stake | 2022.07.09

It’s Saturday, but we’re moving forward.

Conference Realignment

I thought the other day that it would be kinda cool if the Big 12 and the Pac-12 merged to be their own super-conference and low and behold, one of the West Coast media guys also suggested this. I’m not taking credit (because it’s not an original thought), but Jon is the one that broke the news of USC/UCLA going to the Big Ten so he might be more in the know than most people.

Desert News’ Brandon Judd does a nice job of recapping where things stand currently. I don’t think it’s too one-sided and does mention that the Iowa AD does not anticipate the shoe dropping with Notre Dame and these conferences don’t want to rush into any decisions, thus an immediately decision by the Four Corner schools may not happen as quickly as you think.


Dave Campbell’s Texas Football’s Mike Craven is running down the top 50 players and at No. 50 is safety Dadrion Taylor-Demerson:

Taylor-Demerson is a ball-hawking safety with tremendous ball skills thanks to the years he spent playing running back prior to college. He was Texas Tech’s highest rated player in coverage last year with a score of 80.2. He graded out at 76 by Pro Football Focus, which was second on the team behind Eric Monroe (76.7). The senior is also a consistent force on kickoff coverage and punt block. Nicknamed “Rabbit”, Demerson-Taylor provides athleticism in the back end. He’s become a consistent presence in the secondary for a program that needs to improve on the defensive side of the football.


De’Vion Harmon gets to know Aimaq Fardaws and Jaylon Tyson.


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