Texas Tech Football Notebook: Spring Practice Underway

Busy last few days for me so just now sort of getting around to this. I know that Grant McCasland is the leader in the clubhouse for the men’s basketball position and that likely won’t be announced until North Texas loses in the NIT. UNT won’t play until March 28th against Wisconsin.

This is not a non-transcript, not as detailed as I normally normally do, but it’s something!

  • This team beats the bowl team by 14 points, with the guys coming back and the offseason with Lance Barlow.
  • Kosi Eldridge, waiting for NCAA decision, much like Henry Teeter.
  • Caleb Rogers back to right tackle. Monroe Mills at left tackle. Cole Spencer at left guard. Rusty Staats at center, and Dennis Wilburn at right guard. Jacoby Jackson is left guard, can play either. Matt Keeler left tackle, Sheridan Wilson at center, Landon Peterson, but for now Seth Martin, Ty Buchanan at right tackle. Will be a strength for this team.
  • Have 8 defensive different installs, with Brendan Jordan, Jordan Sanford and Chapman Lewis, like how they learn and comprehend. Nate Floyd is back on defense, can play safety and corner. Cam Watts missed most of last year and he’s playing safety and corner.
  • We needed Jesiah Pierre at outside backer, picking up Steve Linton and Isaac Smith and Pierre is playing mike linebacker. Lining up right now with Tyrique Matthews, Ben Roberts (has been phenomenal), Pierre, and Ty Kana.
  • When put the pads on see progression in offensive line. Not a Big 12 team that wins the Big 12 that doesn’t rush for 2,000 yards, we didn’t do this until the bowl game, excited to see those guys. Have young d-linemen, Quincy Ledet, Jayden Cofield, so happy he graduated early, Duda Banks this is the year for him, time for the light to come on.
  • We’re in good shape. Just the recover from now until we practice again. Across the board, the offensive line is much bigger and are grown men. Will play faster.
  • Tahj Brooks is an every down back, very physical and excited about having Cam Valdez, once he was healthy he was really good. Saw what Bryson Donnell can do and is 220 pounds. Tahj is the leader.
  • Steven Linton is a freak. Heaviest he played was 219. Is 228 and 230 now. Tim DeRuyter will have a 2nd #1 draft pick. If you want to rush the passer and pro-style with edge players, then play for DeRuyter. So athletic, Tyree talked to him. Myles Cole had a great day, had a good bowl game. Has more self-confidence. Myles Cole has longer arms than Tyree. Between Myles and Steve.
  • CJ Baskerville, he took over for Marquis Waters. That position will fit him, he’s long and physical. Very smart kid, very high level. Growth of 2 DB’s that came back. Receiving corps, Jerand Bradley and Myles Price, they will get after it. I need to see Duda and Quincey hold up. A great reason to play at Texas Tech, we will protect our older players.
  • Basketball search committee, impressed with the committee.
  • Juice Johnson has played in this offense, when he’s talking, he’s not just coaching, but the feel of those routes. When you bring in a guy who has played in this system and was Kliff’s GA at TAMU, he bring a lot of energy and am excited about him.
  • I use it a lot in recruiting, we have a healthy locker room, we care about each other. Our old guys have done a great job of coaching the young guys. Rabbit has a number of reps to do to get better and Rabbit has to help the young guys get better. We have 3 mid-year freshmen that were getting reps. chapman, Jordan Sanford, and BJ Jordan.

Good stuff

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