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The Morning Stake | 2023.08.15

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It was meet-the-teacher night for us last night so I’m struggling to get this done before I have to get going.

Texas Tech basketball announced that season tickets have sold out for a fifth straight year, a total of 8,500 being sold, which breaks the record of 8,150 in 2021-22 and 2022-23.

If you wanted to read one thing today, this would probably be it. Wildcat Authority’s Jason Scheer breaks down the Pac-12’s dance to where they are today, which is 4 programs without a conference, basically that Brett Yormark figured out that the Pac-12 passed on their offer with ESPN and took that offer:

Once Brett Yormark understood the landscape and what the Pac-12 was doing, he went to market and the Big 12 basically took the Pac-12 deal. That meant that ESPN was no longer in the picture like the Pac-12 wanted it to be and Fox was never going to be a major player because it had plenty of content.

Simply put, the anonymous quotes and Pac-12 writers overvalued the conference and undervalued how smart the networks were in accomplishing what they wanted.

Amazon was never seriously in the picture either and it was known for months that Apple would want full control.

It’s important to know this: Since the Pac-12 turned down the initial deal with ESPN, it was never close to another one. The closest it came was a few weeks ago when Kliavkoff presented a deal that no school with options was going to agree to.

This is one of those handy websites, College Poll Tracker where you can follow how all of the AP voters voted, with Texas Tech in the “others receiving votes” category and 26th overall. If you were curious, Don Williams had Texas Tech 19th

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football’s Mike Craven is ranking the top 50 college players in Texas and Rusty Staats hits at 19.


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