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The Morning Stake | 2023.08.31

They lied to us.

Volleyball will host the Red Raider Classic this weekend with TAMU-Commerce, Louisiana, and Wyoming being the guests.

Soccer welcomes another unbeaten team in North Texas this evening with kickoff at 7:00 pm.

ESPN’s Jeff Fuller has the donations to public schools from 2005 through 2022 and Texas Tech is 23rd overall at $396 million with Oregon leading the way at $969 million and TAMU at $849 million and Texas at $766 million. I have a feeling that although Texas Tech is 23rd, the graph of giving has gone up significantly over the last few years.

Austin American Statesman’s Kirk Bohls writes about how the likelihood that Texas plays any Big 12 team is slim, citing the fans not wanting anything to do with Big 12 teams and a possible SEC 9-game schedule. There’s also this exchange:

“I think they lied to us,” one connected Texas Tech source told me. “The governor told us ‘I guarantee Texas is going to play us for 25 years.’ But Texas is doing everything they can to back-walk it.” Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte has told me no such plan was ever agreed upon, but Texas might be open to playing Tech and others in the future as schedules dictate. “I wouldn’t say there’s strained relations,” Del Conte tells me. “We’d be open to Big 12 opponents, but we don’t know our schedule; that shifts the dynamics.” …. However, the Tech source said, “I think it’s slim (that we play the Longhorns). Will Texas play anybody in the Big 12 again? Probably not. UT is going to look at it this way: if we beat (a Big 12 team), we don’t get anything. If we get beat, we look bad.” Maybe it’ll just take five years or more to cool down. After all, Texas eventually wanted to play Texas A&M again before the Longhorns even joined the SEC. You can probably forget any home-and-home series with them. Texas is likely to supplement its SEC slate with a heavy diet of Rice, UTEP and UTSA.


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