Talking Offensive and Defensive Lines; Buechele Commits to Texas

Texas Tech has depth problems on the offensive line and there is plenty of depth at defensive line, but that line struggled.  Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury was in San Antonio last night, plus, we talk 2016 quarterbacks.

Talking About the Lines. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the depth issues on the offensive linemen with only eight scholarship linemen, but contrasted to the defensive line where ten linemen return, thirteen including Pete Robertson, Andre Ross and Zach Barnes. Here’s Kingsbury on the offensive line:

“And then offensively, we have a lot of guys that have played, starting. Initially, we’ll have (redshirt freshman) Justin Murphy sliding in there at right tackle for (2014 senior) Reshod (Fortenberry) and see how that goes, but not a lot of depth behind those guys.

“So we’ve got to be ready to move some guys around, and those freshmen have to be ready to come in and play.”

There you go, some of you have wondered who would be at that right tackle spot and they’re going to roll with Murphy at right tackle.

And Kingsbury talks about the defense:

“Keland McElrath is a guy that’s got to keep coming,” Kingsbury said. “I think coach (Mike) Smith will be a good influence on those guys. Josh Outlaw, we saw some flashes from him last year. Rika, he’s lost weight. We’re excited about him. Marcus Smith, same deal. A lot of those guys grew up some last year and have been working hard.”

Kinbsbury in San Antonio. Thanks to the SAEN the recruiting review was in San Antonio last night and I think by this point, we’re getting much of the same quotes, but here’s head coach Kliff Kingsbury talking about 2014:

“It’s motivating, that’s the only word I can use,” said Kingsbury, who was in San Antonio on Monday night for a recruiting wrap-up dinner with Tech fans at the Briscoe Western Art Museum. “You go through something like that and you learn a lot about yourself, your staff and your team. It just motivates you more.

“People who are competitive take a year like that and say it will never happen again and work toward that end. And with this staff and this program, that’s what we’ve been doing.”

There is also a note from the LAJ about how DT Donte Phillips and his career is a bit touch and go as a result of a shoulder surgery this offseason. That’s horrible for depth.

Buechele Commits to Texas. Normally it is not news that a player commits to another program, but I think it deserves mention as Arlington’s 2016 QB Shane Buechele has committed to Texas. Buechele also held a Texas Tech offer. This is somewhat good news as UT offered Texas Tech commit Tristan Wallace last week and you would think that this would mean that Wallace will back off a bit. I should also mention that in terms of physicality, Wallace is far superior in terms of an athlete (6-3/225 for Wallace and 6-1/185 for Buechele), but Buechele is a better thrower of that football right now.

Miscellaneous. I think one of the big reasons for the defensive turnaround for West Virginia was Tom Bradley and he’s been hired by UCLA to be the defensive coordinator . . . this whole conference network stuff will never work out as the SEC Network is ahead of schedule and will pay out $5 million this year when they were not projected to do so until next year . . . the ESPN Big 12 Blog Bros answer questions before the spring, including if if Gibbs can turn around the defense and if Mahomes can step up his play . . .

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