Wisdom Found in a Bodybuilding Blog

  1. Have you ever considered the possibility that the best among us might confine themselves to endless hours in the gym followed by deep discussions on their favorite bodybuilding forum?
  2. If you haven’t contemplated question number one, you probably don’t even know how many days are in a week.

In proving that the answer to question one is affirmative, and thereby subsequently giving you reason for quiet reflection and questioning all that you thought you knew, I submit the following exchange from a forum on bodybuilding.com almost seven years ago. The discussion centered around how many days are in a week.

As they so often do the debate started innocently enough. A poster wanted help.

Then the experts began to weigh in.

Suddenly confusion reigned.

Then anger began to replace confusion.

Presumably all took a break for protein shakes before raging on.

And perhaps some lean chicken breast after squeezing in a few lunges before resuming the difficult task of counting days.

Personally I think the points are valid.

It’s elementrary math. You don’t start counting till monday.

And in keeping with standard bodybuilding protocol, wagers are made.

Don’t be ashamed to admit that by now you are second guessing whether or not there are 8 days in a week.

But then, a line was crossed. The first rule of bodybuilding? Never talk about feelings.

Finally, one was convinced and was ready to move on.

And the mutiny began.

And we are now into day 2.

But finally, cooler heads prevailed and the discussion returned to body fat %

And through it all an important lesson was learned. You never, ever, start counting on an off day.

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