Texas Tech Still Recruiting Offensive Line for 2015 Class

Earlier this week, Red Raider Sports’ Chris Level tweeted out that Texas Tech is still looking out for offensive line help. Not for the 2016 class, but Texas Tech is looking for help for the 2015 season, namely two JUCO offensive linemen.  Details after the jump.

OL Paul Stawarz (6-5/298) College of Dupage, Gen Ellyn, IL.

Up first is Paul Stawarz (6-5/298), a true freshman from the College of Dupage in Gen Ellyn, IL. First things first, I’m all for offering freshmen JUCO’s if they can play as they would have a year of seasoning and then be able to contribute the next year. Of course, I get the feeling that Texas Tech might be worried about that right tackle spot, which is where Stawarz plays quite a bit in his video. I’d also say that Texas Tech may be worried about having veteran depth as there are only seven scholarship offensive linemen. One goes down, and you might be playing a true freshman. Stawarz has terrific hands and a nasty enough disposition to be pretty effective. He’s big, but I like his athleticism.

OL Quinn Mittermeir (6-6/300) Butler C.C., El Dorado, KS

Mittermeier is a bit more raw, I think if given the choice, I’d take Stawarz, but I think the thing swaying me is that Mittermeier looks better inside rather than at tackle. He lacks a bit of mobility to play tackle and looks better (much better) at guard. Technically, I think Mittermeier still has some things to work on, getting his hands on the defender, but when Mittermeier is punched, he doesn’t flinch. Not even for a second. So, he’s tough, real tough I think and his best spot will be at a guard where I think he would be really effective with the ability to tackle in a pinch.


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