Elite 11 Day 2 Updates with Texas Tech Commit Jett Duffey

After day two, Texas Tech quarterback commit Jett Duffey talks about how his height and how three inches can be the difference between 40 and 0 offers, plus video.

Duffey Outside of Top 11. As of right now, Jett Duffey isn’t in the top 11, although I think that this is the last day for competition (I’m not really sure, but if there’s more days, you know I’ll cover it).

Stepping Up Big. CBS Sports’ Mitch Stephens writes about how smaller quarterbacks are stepping up, in particular Jett Duffey, who believes that the difference between having 40 offers and no offers is a mere 3 inches:

Jett Duffey, flashing a big smile, held his index finger and thumb about three inches apart. He then got very serious. “From here to here is the difference between 40 offers and no offers,” said the 6-foot, 175-pound rising senior quarterback from Lake Ridge (Mansfield, Tex.). “To me it’s crazy, but at the same time it’s changing. Russell Wilson, Johnny Manziel, Drew Brees. They’re out there changing things and I’m thankful for that.”

Instagram Updates. We’re gramming so hard.

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