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The Morning Stake: Chip Brown Goes All In With Expansion Talk

Our pal Chip Brown goes all-in with expansion talk, and I mean ALL-IN. DeAndre Washington and Pete Robertson make award watch lists and Sordet goes pro.

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Sordet to Go Pro. Congrats to Clement Sordet who is set to go pro this week in the European Challenge Tour in Slovakia. Sordet, from France, is making his debut and so a hearty congratulations!

Big 12 Expansion

Chip Brown Goes All In. Horns Digest Chip Brown goes all in on expansion and writes that he thinks that the next big expansion is just all of the power five conferences getting together for a huge mega television contract:

Two huge reasons: 1) Because that’s where the most money can be made to combat the rising costs of college athletics. 2) Because you could put some geographic sense back into college athletics (more on that in a second).

You think the NFL, which has 32 teams, has it good with $27 billion worth of TV deals through 2022?

Watch the dollar figures soar when the Power Five – the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC plus Notre Dame – throw open the bidding for one TV contract.

“If you wanted to draw up a really inefficient system in terms of leveraging TV dollars, you’d draw up what we currently have,” said one official tied to a Power Five conference.

The naysayers will vow the Power Five will never collectively bargain because you’d have too many egos to navigate, because of antitrust concerns, because Congress would object and because TV contracts in each conference don’t currently end at the same time.


Washington to Maxwell Award Watch List. Congrats to RB DeAndre Washington who has been named to the Maxwell Award preseason list.

Robertson to Bednarik Award Watch List. A second congrats to LB Pete Robertson who has been named to the Chuck Bednarik Award preseason list.

Miscellaneous. ESPN’s Max Olson predicts week three and a Texas Tech loss against Arkansas . . .


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