The Morning Stake: We’re Cool with Ten, Totally Cool with Ten

Sadale Foster leads team USA and Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt says that he thinks that the Big 12 is financially stable and competitively balanced. Water is also wet.

Photo via Charles Henry @ Flickr.


USA! USA! How cool is this? So there’s been this international football tournament happening and the USA played Japan and former Red Raider footballer Sadale Foster broke the game open with a 60 yard run. Coaching team USA was Dan Hawkins and quarterbacking was Dylan Favre.

We’re Cool. We’re Cool. Via DMN’s Michael DuPont writes about Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt’s recent interview with Double-T 104.3 and transcribed some thoughts and the big headline was that Hocutt said that The Big 12 was cool with 10 (in not so many words, but said that he agreed with President Nellis). We’re all cool with ten so long as we’re not cool with ten.

The other funny thing is that this sorta gets labeled as “Hocutt Talks Big 12 Expansion” and that’s really not what he’s doing other than not really saying anything that isn’t currently true. Saying that the Big 12 is financially stable and competitively challenged is correct and not really a comment either for or against expansion. This is the very definition of how Hocutt does things, so it’s good with me.

Miscellaneous. Scout’s Greg Powers talked about Jett Duffey’s week at the Elite 11 . . . Scout’s Annabel Stephan talked with Texas Tech commit Demarcus Fields and I have two thoughts: 1) Fields has a hard time standing still, which is just like my son; and 2) holy shit those adidas uniforms are ugly . . . DMN’s DuPont checks in on the offensive line depth . . . I don’t think I’ve missed a week as ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon predicts week 10 and there’s some good news . . . The Huffington Post checks in with Baron Batch . . .

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